Counting down to Make-A-Wish

We’re in a bit of a frenzy in these parts with the typical need to get a lot of things done before one heads out for a vacation.   Between school, work, household and activities it does feel like all of us will have very full schedules up until departure next Thursday.  We’re excited.  Some of us are packing.  Some of us were packed three weeks ago (guess who–also the same sick person who has the Valentines ready to go).  Some of us have yet to pack (and won’t until after sundown Wednesday).  Lots of ground to cover between now and then but that makes the prospect of settling into an airplane seat and breathing a sigh of relief seem all the more exciting.

In the meantime, there’s still the occasional impromptu moment where the kids are goofing around after dinner.  I hear there’s pretty good entertainment in Orlando, but I’m not sure if they can top this:

There’s so much in store for us in the weeks ahead, but more important than all the cool attractions is the fact that we get to experience them as a family.   Rudy is one of those kids that can’t actually articulate his own wish so when the Make-A-Wish granters interviewed us, we both felt clearly that his would involve the siblings he loves so deeply.  There’s nothing like watching him light up even for the silly Chubby routine.  Here’s looking forward to a week’s worth of golden moments!

Ahead of Schedule

Around dinner time yesterday they asked if we would mind moving. We had to laugh as we got welcomed into our old stomping grounds and rolled right into our old room (people know where to find us). We had a pretty peaceful night–so much so that in rounds this morning they decided that we could go home early! So, the wheels are in motion. Allowing for standard hospital-time delays we should be heading out mid-afternoon.

A well-meaning child life volunteer stopped by yesterday with a really cool action figure…that scared the heck out of Rudy. We devised a much better alternative this morning with “Happy Glove Head” (TM). Thanks to the nifty expensive telescoping exam light we attached it to, it provides hours of entertainment and therapy!

Looking forward to busting out of here!

Four Years Ago

I don’t think our family has enjoyed itself more celebrating Rudy’s birthday this year.  The Heart Walk was such fun because it demonstrated the community that has surrounded us.  To give an idea, we bought sixty Rudy-Blue balloons to hand out to our walkers…and we ran out!  After all the activity on Saturday, Rudy’s actual birthday passed rather uneventfully.  As the schedule turns out, Rudy doesn’t have school on Mondays which serves him well as he usually sleeps in after weekends full of sibling fun.

It had all the makings of an uneventful, mellow day (and pretty much was) save for the last-minute call for his monthly visit to the lab.  Turns out the only phlebotomist who can get to his veins was in so they called to get it in.  I guess the birthday treat is that it only took her one stick, but I’m not sure Rudy saw the upside.

Seriously?! On my birthday?!. 😦

Our beautiful baby boy

Amidst all the activity that goes into celebrating Rudy’s birthday (it always falls on a really big week for us  with the Heart Walk and the Rescue Mission’s “Back to the Bayou” Benefit), I try to take some time to go back four years into the blog posts to get a reminder of how far he’s come.  Amazing how quickly all the emotions of the first week of his life can come back. (If you’re interested in walking down memory lane, click here)  Forgive me in advance if we publish a few more looks back this week.  The memories of it all (especially surgery day) are so visceral that even now they require some processing.  Rudy’s come a long way and we’re so glad for the many people who have walked with us–whether you were there from the beginning or joined us later on.

The emotions of his diagnosis and birth were evoked even more yesterday as we learned the story of Greg and Kara Olsen of the Carolina Panthers who are right where we were four years ago.  Praying for them as they walk the HLHS journey.  You can watch their story here:  video-heart-of-the-matter