Happy Valentine’s Day

Well, it’s that special day again.  The day we share love and a goofy tradition or two.  Lots of activity today as we’re participating in the K-LITE radiothon again for the Rescue Mission’s Bethel House.  Really fun and for a good cause.  (If you’re in SB tune it at 101.7 FM and call (805) 879-5483 to pledge and dedicate a song to your Valentine!)  Trish started the day on the radio and I’m headed there myself in a bit.  A great day filled with inspiring stories of women in recovery.  More info, click here:  http://www.sbrm.org

But there’s are some special memories this day will always hold for me.  Valentine’s Day in 2009 was one of those quiet Sundays during the seven-month stretch we sat with Rudy in the CTICU at UCLA.  The months were marked by small developments (foot wiggles, brow furrows, etc.) that only parents holding a vigil would notice.  That day, I remember making eye contact with Rudy for awhile, when suddenly I noticed just the slightest twinkle.  I managed to snap a picture and Nurse Amy verified that we had captured Rudy’s first smile–despite all the wires, tubes and the monster bruise on his arm from an IV gone wrong.  One of my all-time favorite pictures and easily my most memorable Valentine present!

The best Valentine ever--RUDY'S FIRST SMILE!!!!!!

From here, there’s probably no appropriate segue to this year’s Valentine greeting from our kids.  One favorite family tradition (remember this and this).  Submitted for your enjoyment:

Happy, Happy Heart Day from ALL the Geylings to you!

5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. LOVED that – but man, Wilson’s voice is getting deep. And he is so tall. And drat – they grow up SO FAST. Especially loved the tiny Trish giggle at the very end. :>) Have a lovely evening, friends.

  2. Oh YES! The valentine song. It just isn’t Valentine’s day without the annual Geyling serenade. Love it. Love YOU guys!
    Yes, we’ll be your valentine, in that “our-whole-family-being-valentines-with-your-whole-family” kind of way. xoxo From us (2) to you (all.)

  3. I watched them all again…thanks for the memories! Love the good wishes. I know you all share so much love, I will add my little pinch in there as well. Happy Valentine’s Day everyday!

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