Eine Kleine Rudimusik

There’s nothing like a good Christmas party.  We enjoyed a memorable one last night.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful home with more dear people (the Rescue Mission board).  But the quality entertainment really made the soiree.  Take a look:

Can’t get enough of the prodigy (we can’t) here’s another clip.  He seems to be mesmerized by his own talent!

There’s still a few available bookings during the holiday season, but act fast…

10 thoughts on “Eine Kleine Rudimusik

  1. Now appearing, in the Sapphire Lounge….Rudy Gehling!!! I can see the marquee now!! Is Rudy available for lessons? I need a teacher! Christmas Joy to Gehlings all!

  2. AMAZING TALENT! And those moves — not sure we can afford the concert tickets, but foresee a wonderful career.

    Love, Nan & Dick

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