Spring Break 2011 – Day One

Our spring break is starting off wet and dreary as it is raining…again…here on the central coast!  Although the kids got outside for a bit today, most of our day was spent indoors purging and sorting the kids’ bedrooms (a spring break tradition – ha!).  I told the kids that if we got our “jobs” out of the way this weekend then we could play the rest of the week.  They did a pretty good job so far.

The other “to do” on our list for this week is haircuts…everyone needed one badly so I started with Rudy at 11am and it took me almost 3 hours to do all the boys and the big boy!  I don’t dare attempt cutting Livy’s hair so she was the last to get her’s cut this afternoon at Fantastic  Sams – we even splurged on some hair bling.  Olivia decided to do a little hair styling on Rudy before we left and his bold fashion statement caught on…

Fashion taken to a new level!

Things quickly took a turn for the absurd and poor Rudy had no say in the matter…

Introducing "Rudina"!!!
But, he sure liked the attention…
I sure hope our sun and warm weather return quickly…not sure what another day cooped up indoors will lead to!

Too Busy To Post

We’ve been so busy this week with our family scattered in all directions that we failed to get an update posted but all are back under one roof again and we’re staying close to home today as another “weather system” is passing over the coast. 

Grandma Jo flew in last week just in time to help us celebrate Max on his 12th birthday…a fun-filled afternoon with friends, food and bowling!  Then it was time to pack up and send Rolf and Max off to Catalina Island early Monday morning for Max’s 6th grade outdoor/marine education school trip called CIMI (Catalina Island Marine Institute).  It just so happened that this was also the final week of dress rehearsals for Wilson before his school’s production of “Bye, Bye Birdie” this weekend, Livy had a few afterschool practices for her upcoming school performances and sprinkled in between all the shuttling to and fro, Rudy had a couple of doctor appointments.  Grandma held down the fort keeping busy with the laundry and ironing and banked quite a few “Rudy hours”.  Rolf and Max had a safe and fun week, the school musical was a smash hit and Wilson’s performance as an enthusiastic 1950s teenager was “spot on” and I’m starting the week off with all my laundry caught up so it has been a good week all around.  🙂 Ha

And then there is Rudy…happy, as long as somebody is paying attention to him and very happy now that he received the last of his synagis injections for the winter – brutal simultaneous injections in both thighs!!  Our monthly cardio-appt with Dr. Harake showed no change in his heart status so we continue to wait…things are stable enough to wait 6 weeks (instead of 4) for our next appt.  In the meantime we’ll focus on Rudy’s next sleep study and making progress with decannulation.  Unfortunately there has been a delay in getting the sleep study scheduled at Children’s LA but we have the approval to move forward so hopefully we’ll get that on the calendar soon.  I’m in no hurry, though…with spring break coming up in a week, I’m eager to have a fun, relaxed week with all the kids at home.  🙂

Grandma Jo will head home on Tuesday and life will settle back into a normal rythym after all the extra-special activities of the past couple of weeks…but, of course, “normal” doesn’t mean uneventful in this family so stay tuned!  Ha Ha

Happy 12th Birthday Max!!! 3-10-11
Rudy got to go to the dress rehearsal since he doesn't tolerate large crowds OR applause! He liked the music!!

 Wilson’s official “head shot”…these Jr. High productions are becoming quite sophisticated…

"Break a leg Wil"

Wild CIMI fun…

"DON'T break a leg Max!"
Super Parent Chaperone!

Olivia’s rainy day pasttime…

Max joined in the fun...
Rudy's no dummy...he stayed indoors and played ball with Grandma!

Yo! Adrian!!!

Well, I guess it was inevitable.  A moment of sheer joy suddenly went awry.  Rudy was delighted to have one of his older siblings giving him the ride of all rides on the school patio.  The more twists and turns, the more uncontrollable the giggles.  It got even better when the one pushing got on a ripstick and could spin around even faster.  Part of the thrill lies in the flirting with danger and who knew that a seemingly small irregularity in the sidewalk would be such a significant threat.  It was suddenly discovered that any language that would describe Rudy’ nifty adaptive medical stroller as “untippable” is better interpreted as a marketing slogan rather than any sort of guarantee.

It was hard to know who needed more comforting–Rudy with the emerging bumps and bruises on his head or a very scared sibling.  But considering the history of periodic childhood ER trips for stitches in our family, tumbles are to be expected.  That not withstanding, it seemed like a teachable moment to be proactive and lay down a few guidelines to make sure Rudy is not included in some of the other sibling pastimes:  We will be more careful with fun stroller rides, but towing Rudy with a jump rope around the cul-du-sac on your bike is not a good idea.  Same goes for strapping him on a skateboard and pretending he’s a street-luger.  At no time should there be any attempts to get Rudy’s rig airborne–in fact, we’ll just keep him away from the bike ramps altogether–no ascending or descending.  Rudy is not allowed to swing from the avocado tree on an extension cord.  As many attempts that are made to see if you can double-jump your brother/sister clear over the safety netting on the trampoline, Rudy is not to be launched in this manner (though I agree–the little guy could get some serious air).  As much fun as dangerous jumps from the tree/wall/bench/roof can be, Rudy should only be close enough so that he can laugh when you face-plant.  Lecture over.  Agreement all around.

As acute as our concerns might be, this whole thing seems kind of lost on Rudy.  A good sweaty cry led into a  long nap and then he proudly made like Rocky and sported the shiners on his cheek and forehead.  I think he knows how much the babes dig a good bruise…

Boo-boo? This ain't a boo-boo!!!