Fun during Quarantine

With the days counting down to the cath, Rudy’s been spending most of his time at home.  We’re probably not as obsessive about it as we could be, but with all that goes into getting a cath date (lab and doc schedules) we’d hate to see any delays caused due to Rudy catching a bug.  As it was perhaps the only weekend this year where we’ve had to endure a dose of that brutal Santa Barbara winter (read 55F with intermittent showers), he hasn’t been lonely indoors.  So, I just thought we’d give a few glimpses of our regular weekend at home.

Rudy’s last day out was Thursday for school.  His class, the “Bear Club”, went on a walk to the neighborhood market and the teachers spotted a little good luck gift to send him off with:

Thank you, Bear Club buddies!

Being home bound isn’t all that bad.  Especially when you’re as easy to please as Rudy.  Most days, he’ll go into the kitchen and find himself a cup to stick over his hand and carry around most of the day.  Some days a cup is hard to find, but this time of year it’s pretty easy to find a box of Girl Scout Cookies in the cupboard.  Rudy found one yesterday and, after  quickly tossing aside the cookies, he held on to the box for several hours–even through his nap.

Nothin like a teddy box! So much for all the developmentally appropriate toys we were seduced into buying.

Housebound or not, we still expect the kids to help out with chores.  It’s amazing how even Rudy can pitch in and be surprisingly helpful.  Check out this video of him helping us polishing the kitchen floor.

Max was scarce this weekend as he wowed audiences in the GVJH production of 42nd Street.  In between playing to three packed houses, he found time to entertain and educate his little brother in fine art of zerberts.  Take it away, Max!

Thanks so much for checking in and for all the kind notes and comments.  It was a full and fun weekend–stay tuned for the eventful week ahead.

9 thoughts on “Fun during Quarantine

  1. Wish I were as easily satisfied by carrying around an empty girl scout cookie box – one that I had not emptied myself in the usual and customary manner . . . Prayers for great health, sleep, calm, and peace in the depth of your souls. May the blessings of our Lord and Savior surround you.

  2. Dang…I’m still dizzy just watching Rudy. His face was almost as red as his pants! Classic Geyling activity. I heard your mom in the background….”better not show that to anyone…..” Good thing you didn’t!

    “Hands on the window”

  3. Rudy, we are going to miss you this week in The Club!! We love you very much and can’t wait to see you after Spring Break.
    ❤ Christy & All the Bears

  4. Those videos are so adorable. Rudy you make me dizzy…but you seem to love the spinning…I’d love to see what that does to your hair in the back! hahaha So glad you all are enjoying some wonderful Geyling time…our prayers are with you as you go to UCLA on Wednesday.

    Love and prayers for a great outcome this week!

  5. Hi to all…love the fun spin on that beautiful new floor. Think of you several times a day. Always, Love to all.

  6. Rudy was having such a blast spinning..being spun around. So great to hear him laugh. I’m praying that all goes well tomorrow. It’s times like these we have to remember that God loves more than we can fathom. Rudy has Almighty God on his side!

    Blessings to you all.

  7. Excuse me while I go throw-up! Oh…. reminded me of the spinout at M. Mountain!! Rudy is truely FEARLESS!!! Go Rudy!! xoxo Jo

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