Always ready for some football!

This weekend included a lot football (as they often seem to this time of year).  It started with cheering for Wilson as the band played for the Homecoming game at Dos Pueblos.  We kept it up with Max’s YFL game on Saturday afternoon.  Even all that time in the sun didn’t squelch a pickup game from breaking out on the grass after a late lunch at Carl’s Jr.  Rudy got so excited watching that he HAD to join in.

Get that kid a helmet and pads.  He’d make a tough linebacker!

9 thoughts on “Always ready for some football!

  1. Way to go, Rudy, Max and Livy–Rolf, too! Good camera work, Trish. Talk about multi-talented!
    All that is missing is the drum roll from Wilson!

  2. Hmmm if CPS drove by I’m not sure which of the kids they’d be more concerned about protecting… Way fun!

  3. I loved this video! When I was in WA the past two weeks I had limoted computer access and couldn’t see what was up with Rudy. Glad to catch up and see such a fun game of football. Hugs to Rudy and all. XXOO

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