A Week to Commemorate

Last weekend we did a much-needed cleaning of the garage.  In the past, Rudy would scoot down the hallway and would be content to sit on the stoop to take in the action.  But this time he wanted to be part of things so he got himself down the stoop and had fun scooting underfoot.  Somewhere while we were busy moving stuff around, he spotted the great wide open, tore free from his O2 tube and made a break for it!

I’m outta here!!!

All the way down to the curb across all that brick and concrete; shredding his diaper and oblivious to the abrasions he was inflicting on his legs and bum with each scootch–yelling “bye-bye” louder and louder as the mailbox came in view.

How far we’ve come.

This is a milestone week for us as May 7th is the day Rudy came home from the hospital.  (astute Rudy fans might recall the first release being in April, but since we had to return shortly thereafter for a second stint we celebrate the day he came home for good.)  Looking at Greg’s discharge day slide show never gets old, especially when we see how different the bouncy 3 1/2yr old is from the fragile little guy who came home after seven months in the ICU.

Today also marks the start of Nurses’ Week.  It’s hard to put into words what we feel about nurses–they have become such a part of our life–from the ones who took care of Rudy for continuous 12 hour shifts; to the ones who pull shifts at our house; to the ones who pull together all those details and approvals; to the dear friends who have no formal responsibility but are always available for a quick consult when something doesn’t look right.  We love nurses–if you want to see some of the finest, scroll down to the second video below Greg’s discharge slide show.

Now, if I could only get down off this curb…

18 thoughts on “A Week to Commemorate

  1. go Rudy go… but hold mommy or daddy’s hand while looking both ways before crossing the street

  2. This is just AMAZING. I can hardly wrap my mind around this wonderful truth – that Rudy is strong enough, developmentally alert enough and just plain brave enough to take off and explore the wider world. Thank you so much for this heart-warming story. Thanks be to God for all that has brought him to this point in the story. I cannot wait to see what’s next.

  3. Go Rudy go… I feel like that a lot these days…first opportunity and I”m GONE! Heehee

  4. Hi Rudy, I hope you were going to Grandma Jo’s house! Would’nt that be fun? You could “scooch” across the desert, the mountains, the plains and land in Lawrence! On second thought, maybe you better fly to see me some day! Love to you, Rudy, from “JoJo”

  5. Really cute! I just watched the videos from long ago. I am mesmerized by them…..just think of the care you all have given this very special little boy. Amazing!!! Hugs to Rudy and his very very special family.

  6. Love you little boy, you are a go getter and will show them ALL.
    got to watch you All the time. and get inspired by you.!!!


  8. You GO Rudy!!! we love you so much, your adoring cheerleaders in Boston! Aunt Andi, Mayali, Kyra

  9. Hi Trish and Rolf. We just learned of a friends 26 year old Great niece who was also born with a half heart (forgot the medical name) Since she lives in Camarillo, we thought there was a chance you may know her. Her name is Jeni Sorensen Busta. (We were telling our friend about Rudy, so that’s how it came up) So fun to see that little rascal getting independant with his “bye byes” 🙂

  10. Hey Rudy, you can always scoot your way down here for a visit with us anytime. Glad to see you out and about more and more. Always praying for you and your sweet family too. Wish you were all here to see my kidsin the Wizard of OZ. (((((Hugs)))))

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