Happy Thanksgiving 2016

I’m cuddled up in bed still…getting ready to hit the kitchen for some fun food prep but enjoying the chill in the air and being under the covers.  Rolf is getting ready to go out for his daily paddle and the big kids are still asleep sprawled out on the living room floor after a movie night.  It’s a quiet start to Thanksgiving 2016 and I’m thankful for today…Wilson’s home and we’re looking forward to a fun celebration with friends later this afternoon.

So before things ramp up around here.  I just want to say…Thank you friends!  Thank you for your kindnesses and encouragement.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  Thank you for expressing your love creatively and for being the hands and feet of Christ in the life of a little half heart and his appreciative family.  🙂  We are rich!

Here’s a little glimpse into this weeks riches…

Teacher Tracy speaking Rudy’s love language with the new incentive chart she made him at school.
A quick visit from Nurse Sara and Kayley was a perfect start to Thanksgiving break!…
…as was a trip to Kyle’s Kitchen with Kathy and Carter!
Oh yeah, we’ve made a few stops at K’sK this past week…
The latest being last night!
Honestly, we’re out of control!
But the highlight of yesterday was, by far, the SBRM Thanksgiving feast! An afternoon of yummy food, great music and special guests & volunteers!!! There was a sweet spirit of celebration among us all and Rudy was in heaven…(photo credit Dale Weber)
Serenading Daphanie with big brothers!
Insisting Wilson’s shakers were binoculars!
Joining in on the act!
The Geyling Brother Trio!
Finding his groove with buddy Ric!
Chillin’ some more with Ric and meeting new friends!
(photo credit Dale Weber)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours dear ones!  May today be a reminder of how much you are loved and appreciated!!


I’ve had one of those weeks that frustrate the ba-geebers out me…one of those weeks when I’ve been on the phone trying to coordinate Rudy’s care and not getting what he needs and not making any progress on the “to do” list.  It’s part crAPRIA, part bureaucracy and part bad luck.  Unfortunately, I’ve developed a bit of a short fuse over the years when it comes to stuff like this so it doesn’t take much to get my blood boiling.  Yeah, go ahead, transfer my call, make me repeat myself over and over, let’s take this back to square ONE a-gain, better yet, don’t answer the phone, don’t return my calls, IGNORE ME!  Honestly, it sounds so absurd with all the “bigger stuff” going on in our lives but this is what pushes me over the edge and I end up shaking my fists at the phone wanting to scream at the poor customer service representative on the other end “I wasn’t created for this!!!!“.

What grieves my heart is that this isn’t just an emotional reaction to a frustrating situation but that I really do struggle with “purpose” in our journey with Rudy.  I shared about this struggle in a talk I gave at Westmont College  a couple of years ago so this isn’t anything new but it remains a fresh wound.  When the mundane frustrations in this journey overwhelm me and discontent creeps in, I long for the extraordinary things I dreamt of doing when I was young.  Sometimes, when I’m really feeling down, I allow myself to feel guilty over the lack of extraordinary in my life…maybe I’m not trying hard enough or maybe I’m too afraid to “go for it” and I’m using Rudy as an excuse, etc, etc, etc…do you know what I mean?

I share this because I read a blog post this morning that speaks to this VERY ISSUE!!!  I feel like God is saying to me “Here you go.  I see you.  I see where this week has taken you.  This is for you.”  Click here to read the blog in it’s entirety but two quotes that jumped out at me are these:

“You aren’t here to be extraordinary, to accomplish the extraordinary, or to experience the extraordinary. You are simply here to be fully you, limitations and all.”

The author went on to describe a situation he and his wife experienced and added:  “And, for a moment, I love our limitations, because they confined us to this experience. Our limitations nudged us toward this particular mountaintop.”

It’s true!  As limiting and isolating as life makes me feel sometimes, the reality is I’m confined to experiences that, as this blog can attest , are mountaintops in and of themselves.

I’m grateful.


November Celebrations

This has certainly been a perplexing week with much to process as it relates to our country, it’s government and it’s people.  My heart has been deeply grieved during this whole election process and I am left feeling raw.  I read a quote last week by a Presbyterian pastor in Olathe, KS that I can stand behind and it inspired me to commit even more to do life in community & relationship with a purpose to make a meaningful difference in the lives around me…which ultimately brings healing to all of us.

“Unity, liberty and justice require effort from all of us as citizens of this great country. It won’t happen via politics…it will happen through relationships and a shared commitment to dig in to what is so terribly broken in all of us.” -Jim West

Ironically, this has also been a full week of celebrations in our household so, thankfully, there has been much “goodness” to focus on and savor as well.

A week ago Saturday was DP’s homecoming dance so we enjoyed an afternoon of fun preparation before the big kids headed off to dinner and the dance with friends and Rolf, Rudy and I headed to a SBRM (recovery program) graduation.  A big night for so many!

The traditional corsage making party with friends Tina, Autumn and Hunter…
The finished products turned out GREAT!



After graduation, Rudy, Rolf and I headed over to the dance for the crowning of the homecoming king ceremony. As mother of prince Max, I got to escort him onto the stage. Fun for me…not so thrilling for Rudy who, by 10:30pm was DONE for the day!


Homecoming selfie!

On Monday, Rolf and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary…a milestone worth noting:

November 7, 1992
Version 2
We may be starting to show some wear and tear but I’m proud of every grey hair and  wrinkle!  😉

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of visiting the big kids’ Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at school.  It was fun to see Olivia and her peeps having fun…


…and to hear Max share about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.  He boldly shared how this Old Testament story encourages us all to never doubt God, to dare to be different and to never cease standing up for what we believe in…a timely reflection for sure.

One of Rudy’s favorite places is the rescue mission…Rolf had a few late nights at work this week so we had “dinner with dad” and the residents on Wednesday night and Rudy was in heaven!

Speaking of eating, we haven’t made it to Kyle’s Kitchen yet this week but we have gotten some fun shout outs from friends who were there!  Ha Ha  We are so grateful for Jay and Deena Ferro, their support of the special needs community in our town and for highlighting Congenital Heart Defects & Rudy this month at KK!!!  Stop in, take a pic and send it to us for Rudy’s gallery if you can!!!




This next week will be dedicated to final jewelry prep for my annual holiday jewelry show next weekend!  I have a couple of shows scheduled this season and a couple of trunk shows at local offices too!  So excited!!!  Let me know if you’d like Silver By Trish to come to your office!  Check out Silver By Trish on FB for more details.

School Games 2016


Rudy and his classmates enjoyed the annual Special Olympics School Games today.  In past years Rudy hasn’t been a very cooperative participant in the soccer tournament but this year he participated in the wheelchair “Hoccer” competition (a cross between hockey and soccer) and had a blast with teachers Ms. Ochoa, Teresa and Coach Galvan…






This is as good a place as any to take a break!
Fun with Nurse Evelyn…
…and teacher Teresa!

Team Mountain View played hard and finished strong!  All will sleep well tonight!!  Thank you Special Olympics of Southern California for another fun day!!!


Super Rudy and His Sidekick


Halloween included a school sing and costume parade for Rudy, a day off from school for Max and Olivia, the traditional chili, rice and cornbread dinner with friends and a phone call from Wilson!  It was a full, fun day for sure.

Rudy gettin’ ready…to stand while his schoolmates sing! The fact that he stood on the stage is progress!!
Rudy and his helpful sidekick at the school costume parade!
Super Rudy then had to fly by the school office to wish Miss Jill a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
‘Really can’t get enough of these two!
With Halloween comes beanie wearing weather!!!  Yay!!!

We’re excited to host the graduates of the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission recovery program this week before Saturday’s graduation ceremony!  Max and Rolf have a college visit later in the week and Max and Liv have the homecoming dance on Saturday night as well!  WOW, Welcome November!!