Biking like a Boss!

Life’s been running full lately with school, work, football and band.  Makes the evenings at home few and far between, but today we got out in the cul de sac and did our thing.  Rudy loves rolling himself around…likes it even better if Max does high speed fly-bys on the scooter.

12 thoughts on “Biking like a Boss!

  1. Love that little face and how his he is always a big part of the fun.
    Just wait until he’s on that scooter! 🙂 There’s no stopping that little fella.

  2. So amazing!!! It makes me so happy to see how much he is progressing and how much love love love there is in your family!!!!

  3. Love how you guys let him be “one of the kids”. And in the Geyling family that’s saying something!!
    Rudy’s made a lot of progress….very fun to see him in action.
    Love you guys!

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