Easter 2012

Hello dear friends! I’m sorry you haven’t heard much from us this week. Rudy is doing great and will get back to his regular schedule this week. I have a more detailed post in the works but am having trouble posting it…Internet connection problems AGAIN!!! Argh!!! In the meantime, we all wish you a very Happy Easter and we thank you for your many prayers for Rudy these past couple of weeks. Blessings to you…

6 thoughts on “Easter 2012

  1. Love the photos one and all. You have such a photogenic family. Glad Rudy is doing well and look forward to your next post.

  2. haircut! did I miss that in some previous email??
    what a handsome bunch of kids…..

    love and blessings, Linda H

  3. Looks like Trish did her usual good work on the Easter baskets…I mean that Easter Bunny gave good stuff once again!!

  4. Indeed! The Easter Bunny was super generous!!! My teenage boys aren’t really that keen on blow-up Easter bunnies…unless, of course, there are iTunes cards taped to the back of them! Ha Ha

  5. What a blessing to spend Easter with you and attend Olivia’s baptism. She is so sweet and her attention and caring for Rudy is remarkable. Rudy loves her attention. God bless you Livy Jo! Won ‘t it be fun when he can get in the swimming pool!

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