Happy Birthday Wilson

Here we are at the start of another week and it is a particularly bright Monday as we celebrate Wilson’s 15th Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday Big Boy!!

We didn’t have much to report this past week on the Rudy front as he continued to recuperate at home with a modified schedule.  He has just one day left on his antibiotic and his foot wound, though severe, is definitely on the mend. Rudy has been keeping busy with Grandma Jo since her arrival on Tuesday and is amazing her with his energy level.  🙂  Spring finally sprung in Santa Barbara…just in time for Easter!  After several weekends of wet, gloomy weather, the sun broke through this week and Rudy enjoyed a bunch of outdoor time on his trike.  He was able to return to school on Wednesday but didn’t go back to therapy so this week will be his first full week back in his normal schedule.  Unfortunately he’ll have to miss another couple of days next week due to his scheduled overnight sleep study down at CHLA on the 16th but that shouldn’t require any recuperation time once we get home.  🙂

Even though our schedule was a little quirky last week, we were able to enjoy some special holy week events that culminated in a wonderful Easter celebration yesterday.  The highlight of the week was Olivia’s baptism at our church’s sunrise service!  A cherished time, indeed.  It’s hard to believe Easter is now behind us and summer break is less than two months away…the official countdown to summer is on!  Ha Ha

We are grateful to be past this latest heart cath and settling back into that stretch of time between caths that feels a bit more “normal”.  We were saddened on Friday to hear that our little friend Daisy is battling another cancerous tumor…her third in three years.  So, as we wait in quiet limbo with Rudy, we ask that you add Daisy to your prayer list as she gears up for another surgery this week and treatment yet to be determined.  Her joyful faith has encouraged us in our walk with Rudy and we pray for God’s continued healing and comfort for Daisy and her family.

Here’s a little recap of last week’s goings-on:

Fun with Grandma Jo!
Climbing trees with Maxo...
Olivia's baptism on Easter morning!
Happy Easter from Rudy and Many Blessings from our risen Savior! 🙂
Happy "6 months until you get your learners permit" Birthday Wilson!!!

I actually have a few more pics I’d like to share but our internet connection is SO BAD I seriously can’t muster up any more patience to download any more pics!!!!  We’ll be changing our service on Friday so be ready for some speedy posts real soon!  Ha Ha  Bless you all and thank you for your friendship and encouragement.  Please don’t forget to pray for Daisy!  🙂


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Wilson

  1. Happy Birthday Wilson! This post made me realize that since Cameron turned 15 on March 13th, I also have the count down to the learners permit going on even though we had NOt even thought of it until I read your post. Oh my word! where has the time gone. Both of us have 15 year olds now. Crazy! Blessings on your week and we’ll keep praying for your sweet family. (((Hugs)))

  2. Love all the pix and family blessings. Sunday was indeed a glorious Easter Sunday all the way around. I have the permit countdown as well from February! We aren’t discussing it in our household. He will have to come up with the facts and work on his own before I do anything but that will probably happen this summer;-(

  3. I’m so glad to hear Rudy is doing well and that virus didn’t amount to much! Easter blessings to you all, and happy birthday to Wilson!

  4. Good to hear that Rudy is recovering. Happy Birthday, Wilson — practice up on that driving! And many congrats to Olivia as she begins her walk with Jesus. May He keep her strong and give her a desire to serve Him all her days.

  5. Hey, Wilson, happy birthday!! Please let me know when you are getting your permit and/or your license so I will be sure to stay out of your vicinity! And no driving with Rudy for 6 months, even if he begs! 🙂

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