MRSA in ‘da House!

We worked hard to keep Rudy quarantined and bug-free before the cath but it seems we couldn’t escape the hospital without bringing home MRSA!  The culture taken from Rudy’s foot wound tested positive for the nasty infection and Rudy is on the prescribed anti-biotic now.  He’s no worse for the wear and is a happy little infected one but he’ll need to stay close to home for another week due to the contact precautions.  I’m still waiting to hear back from his therapy clinic and school but I don’t think he’ll be allowed to go back until he has finished his 10 day course of antibiotic.  Poor guy…he’s already a little cabin-feverish.  As for the rest of us, well, we’re washing our hands a lot and avoiding kissing Rudy on the mouth AND the big kids are keeping far away from any diaper changing that goes on since being grossed out by the home health nurse who told them it’s easily transmitted through urine and fecal matter!!!  Nice!!

So, as our spring break draws to a close we’re focused on the added logistics of Rudy’s MRSA treatment.  The big kids seem pretty content with their spring break (and I’m grateful for that) but I’m wishin’ we had had the opportunity to do something special and out of the ordinary.  I guess Mama is a little cabin-feverish too.  🙂


9 thoughts on “MRSA in ‘da House!

  1. MRSA!? Mercy me! I was thinking so much of Rudy today, I have on my Rudy Blue wrist band and special extra Rudy disc necklace. Must be the Lord! I prayed for our guy and didn’t know why.
    Love to the Geyling Cabin,

  2. who would have thought? Dang hospitals!
    Is the poor littleman on Cipro? Diapers will be abundant if he is 😦
    It’s MERSA-less! 😉

  3. Well, I think it was in his system before. Never know where those dang bugs come from. Now that he is positive you’ll always get a private room. (Small consolation). Opa did not change his Diaper he so could not have gotten it from him.
    Praying that you can go out again, hope you have fun with Grandma Jo !!!!!!

  4. I guess the chart was being a prophet when the doctors kept asking you if he was MRSA positive? So sorry it came to that.:-(

  5. Oh wow, how did I not know this was happening? Not the best for spring break and hoping he’s healing ok. Happy Easter Geylings!

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