Beeper watch…

When this thing beeps, there’s either an update from the cath lab or our table at Chili’s is ready. Been watching it in the dining room for 3 1/2 hrs. Decided to come outside and watch it on the patio for awhile.

It’s buzzed twice. First at 11:30 to tell us things were underway a bit late and just now at 1:30 to tell us they’ve got another hour to go. Rudy’s beat his personal best for cath lab endurance. They placed two stents and are now coiling collaterals. Rudy is stable.

That’s all for now. Back to watching the buzzer….

6 thoughts on “Beeper watch…

  1. Hip hip hurray for the two stents! Bless his sweet heart and all that he’s been through to stay here with us. What a prince!

  2. Been watching the email for updates just like you’ve been watching the buzzer, ha. Rudy has been in my thoughts all day. He has “stents and they’re coiling the collaterals.” I marvel about all he has endured thus far in his short life – he is such an amazing and remarkable little boy. He has certainly captured my heart! Looking forward to the next update. Love and prayers……..

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