Cath lab bling…

They rolled Rudy away 30min ago. Livy made him a special anklet to wish him luck.

8 thoughts on “Cath lab bling…

  1. Praying for you little one !!! and Trish and Rolf too.
    The big kids went off to school very diligently and cheerfully!
    L0ve Oma+ Opa

  2. “very diligently and cheerfully” — a very apt description of the Geyling children!

    Love to all and praying for the littlest Geyling — who I imagine is also “diligently and cheerfully” entering into his activity!

  3. Here in the Bear Club we are keeping up to date on your blog Rudy! Love’in the green socks and charms! Hello and well wishes from all the Bears & Staff.

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