In Recovery

Got back with Rudy after 7 hours here in PACU. Heard from two tired but excited docs about all they did (43 angiograms for you heart nerds) More detail later but two stents to open the Sano shunt (which had narrowed to 1mm) to 4-5mm. Then a huge collateral coiling fest. Lungs look strong both in terms of oxygenation and pressures. Not a Glenn candidate yet but good progress.

The warrior is slowly waking up. Not smiling yet, but not super-cranky. Due to all the work they did, they want him supine until 9pm.

Thanks for the prayers and messages.

22 thoughts on “In Recovery

  1. I can’t believe the Sano was narrowed to 1mm… and look how well he was doing? That is amazing. Love that you got positive news!! Prayers for a quick recovery so Rudy is back to his “norm” soon.

  2. So relieved to know the little “warrior” is recovering. Boy, it sounds like a marathon cath with all the additional procedures performed on dear little Rudy. He is definitely a trooper. Can’t wait to hear more details later. So pleased to hear you have such good newsΒ‘ God bless Rudy and the entire Geyling family!

  3. Wow! Sounds like a very positive report! Can’t wait to hear more once you all get some rest. Love you!!

  4. great to hear the positive report! – we are all following the news very closely. get some rest now…

  5. Been praying for yous today….so glad it went OK. Hope you get some good rest tonight. Give the little warrior a peck on the cheek for us!!! LOVE YOU MUCH!

  6. Whew…so glad it was a positive outcome…I bet Rudy’s not the only one who is tired! I pray the evening will go well…and that you three get some good sleep tonight!

    Love and prayers from here…

  7. Wonderful news! Isn’t it amazing what can be done?!?! Fabulous fabulous! Hoping the crankies stay away and he feels back to himself ( or even better!) πŸ˜‰ really soon.

  8. Glad to hear things went well! Sorry I missed an opportunity for a visit with you guys…and a stroll down to Diddy Reese! Praying for the little warrior guy!! Pam

  9. Yay for the good news!! and the opportunity for you all to rest a bit. Hope Rudy awakes in fine spirits and you awake rested! Continuing to pray for you all. love from lake wobegon (minnetonka actually)

  10. Great news.Lots of prayers being said for Rudy and fam.I hope you can rest up tonight…Lots of love to you.

  11. Thanks for the update. May you all sleep well in the Father’s hands tonight!

    Rudy’s lungs: Of course they’re strong… I think using him as a mop on the kitchen floor bring all that oxygen in!! xoxox Jo

  12. Rudy, with your spirit and bravado, you are bound (and “coiled”) to succeed! Love seeing your happy face! kris

  13. So happy to hear the good report πŸ™‚ Praying for a quick and joyful recovery for him and some nice, peaceful rest for you guys!

  14. Well, it’s 1:17 am on the west coast – wondering how the little warrior, Rudy, is doing thus far since there has been no further update since around 4 pm on Wednesday. I am a natural worrier, so I am a wee bit worried – as the saying goes, no news is good news. I’m sure all is well and you are just enjoying some much needed rest, as is Rudy too in his recovery process. Looking forward to the next update – perhaps in the morning. Until then, sleep tight and rest well. You are all in my prayers and thoughts….

  15. Thanks for your call last evening, Trish. Rudy’s crying in the background was his message–“This is not fun and games!!!!”
    So glad Bob and Cathy were with you (Thanks, Drummond’s).
    Wish I could envelope all of you in a greatful hug. Talked to Max and Helga after talking with you–all is well on the home front.
    PTL, mama jo

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