“This is the way we go to school, go to school, go to school…”

Today was Rudy’s first day riding the school bus to school!  Because of Rudy’s need for supplemental oxygen, it is required by the district that he be accompanied by a LVN so the plan will eventually involve a LVN coming to our house, riding with Rudy to school on the bus, staying with him during his class time and then riding back home with him on the bus.  That will be an amazing day but until an LVN is hired and all is in place,  I get to go!   My last ride on a school bus was roughly 30 years ago.  -Ha  I guess a ride on a yellow school bus can be a little mundane but there are two things that are special about Rudy’s bus…1.  It has a cool wheelchair lift AND 2. His bus driver’s name is RUDY!!!  🙂  Rudy is originally from Haiti and very sweet to the three boys who ride this particular route with him…

Rudy and Rudy!
Up he goes....


Rudy chillin' on the bus with his signature leg cross...he's a cool cat!


Back home again to a....


... happy welcome from Max and Olivia!


We also managed to squeeze in a cardiology appt. with Dr. Harake this morning before school.  The team of doctors down at UCLA had a chance to discuss Rudy’s 9/22 heart cath results and are all in agreement that our next step should be to schedule another heart cath in 6 months (tentatively scheduled for March 21) to coil the remaining collaterals.  You’ll recall that Drs. Dan and Harake coiled two large collaterals during the 9/22 cath to control Rudy’s blood flow but there is actually a web of collaterals that have developed over time and the team agrees that it will be necessary to go in and coil as many as  possible…once that is done, if Rudy’s O2 sats remain the same, no further intervention will be necessary and we can continue to wait for the lungs to heal.  If his O2 sats drop, then it will be necessary to either put a stent in his Sano Shunt (the shunt placed in his Norwood procedure) to open it up and allow unrestricted blood flow or replace the shunt altogether with a larger shunt.  It sounds like a reasonable plan to us.  Today’s echo (btw, Rudy’s new word for the day is “echo”) showed the same narrowing of the aorta that Dr. Harake saw 2 weeks ago…the angioplasty didn’t open it up enough so a stent may necessary in the aorta as well.  We’ll check in with Dr. Harake again in a month.  In the meantime, he and a number of Rudy’s UCLA doctors are heading to Peru for their annual humanitarian medical trip…we wish them a safe and productive trip and good health for Rudy while their gone.  🙂

Happy Days!


15 thoughts on ““This is the way we go to school, go to school, go to school…”

  1. Yahoo!! for skool (couldn’t resist) !! We are so happy for Rudy and you all!! Hope to see you guys soon!! xoxo We have some dancing to catch up on!

  2. Stinkin’ adorable that Rudy is. Love the “chill” picture. What an easy going guy. See you all in a week!

  3. So happy to see Rudy heading off to school on his own bus. He looks so happy to be going. I am sure he is just loving it all. Hugs to him as always and we’ll keep praying for you all. xxxooo

  4. Wow, two Rudy’s! (And I met a Rudy yesterday as well!!) I am amazed that the school district can do all that… bus, LVN, etc. Huge Yeah Lord!
    Send greetings to the Docs going to Peru….. may God bless the work of their hands!

  5. Wow – how cool is that! He’s such a big boy now!
    A lot of fun for you, too, on the school bus ;–)

    Thinking of you,
    Astrid & Wolfgang

  6. Rudy, you are getting comments from Alabama, Kansas, Boston, San Diego and Germany plus all the others I don’t know! These are just some of the marvelous array of people who love you and whom you inspire. You just go with the flow, don’t you? God Bless!

  7. Having the driver named Rudy, what else would one expect? Rudayyyyyyy!!! So glad so many big milestones and miracles along the journey. Blessings, thoughts, and prayers for the continued medical interventions at the right time as Rudy develops.

    Love, Kayla and Kendra

  8. What a fun day for Rudy! Pretty soon he may have as many stents as Brent who is now up to 9! Hope that doesn’t happen. Always praying.

  9. Rudy, it’s been wonderful to have you in “The Bear Club”.
    We are going to have sooooo much fun this school year.
    I love seeing your pictures on the bus too…. Rudy n Rudy!
    See you next week!

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