Special friends who share the journey

Rudy’s second day of school went well.  He enjoyed several of the activities at school so much that he threw a couple little tantrums when teacher Christy started to wrap them up and move on to the next.  That’s new behavior for our little sweet and happy boy.

He really liked painting and we are excited for next week when he’ll bring home his first masterpiece!

Shhhh....prodigy at work!

We’ve been on a pretty happy run of late–from the good news at the heart cath, to Rudy’s birthday, to the Heart Walk, and now the first week of school.  Part of the fun is that we get to share this journey with so many people near and far thanks to this blog.  Some of the most special people we get to share it with are families on similar journeys who are able to see the beauty and cause for celebration even in the midst of challenging circumstances.  So we were especially tickled by a super-fun internet game of Udderball with Moriah (glad you’re back home!) and, as promised, a special birthday present from Gwendolyn.  We aren’t planning any trips back to UCLA anytime soon, but when we do Rudy will be ready to weigh in on group rounds.

"Dr. Rudy, paging Dr. Rudy, we need you in the CTICU - stat!"

Thanks so much to these dear people and everyone else who continues to ride with us through all the twists and turns of the Rudy-coaster.

12 thoughts on “Special friends who share the journey

  1. Those are just great pictures! And what a blessing your blog has been for me these years! Thanks for sharing your lives, your stories, and your faith. You have strengthened me through your sharing. And, as always, I keep all of you in my prayers as do many here at SJN who have been touched by your story through Oma (we miss her very much!!).

  2. I have noticed having parents with a great sense of humor and devoted love is what makes Rudy and Moria so special…. well plus they are so adorable..
    So glad you found each other along your journeys.

  3. Geylings….I wish you didn’t have to be a blessing in this way…..but God has used you all in mighty ways. You all and Rudy are a huge inspiration to me in my everyday battles. I have had to also learn how to mix joy/sorrow on the same page in the same day. You/Rudy have helped me tremendously. So proud of Rudy in his new school adventure…..How cool is that to see Rudy painting like a “Big-Dog”. Thanks for sharing this little warrior with the rest of us. We love you guys! The Frames

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