Packing Up!

We’re back on track with Rudy’s heart cath after a call on Monday notifying us that our appointment was likely going to be cancelled and rescheduled for December(!) threw us into an emotional frenzy.  After spending all weekend making the necessary arrangements to get Rudy to UCLA, we were terribly disappointed and then super relieved yesterday to get the call that Rudy was back on Thursday’s schedule!  Phew!!  It’s been a bit of a roller coaster this week but now we’re all set…Rudy is healthy and happy, the big kids are covered and I managed to conquer the mountain of laundry that occupied our bedroom floor, bed and then floor again for the past week!  Now all we have to do is pack up and prepare to leave early in the morning.  We’re not sure what time Rudy’s cath will be but Dr. Harake would like us to arrive at UCLA by 7am just in case there is a cancellation and they can fit Rudy in earlier.  Thank you, in advance, for praying!  We’re praying for Rudy’s safety, for his pulmonary pressure numbers to be significantly lower and anything else that would make Rudy a good candidate for the Glenn.  🙂

Our Rummage Sale was a grand success on Saturday…we sold alot of stuff, connected with a bunch of people in the neighborhood, spread the word about the Heart Walk and raised an additional $290.00!  🙂  Rudy was stationed in the front yard keeping an eye on all the activity and looking cute…

Nurse Gina dropped by to say "hello"!
Reading a book with big brother Max...

Wilson spent a good bit of his weekend at marching band commitments.  He sure is enjoying his place on the drum line and Rudy likes it when he brings his performance drum home from school…

Future Dos Pueblos drum liner!
Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Thank you for the MANY ways you’ve shown your support in recent weeks…Heart Walk donations, Rummage Sale participation, prayers for the heart cath, etc…how every grateful we are!

Heart Cath Is On The Calendar!

Okay, so we heard word today that Rudy’s cath is scheduled for next Thursday (Sept. 22) at UCLA.  I’m not sure what time we’ll need to report to admit but I do know he isn’t 1st on the list so we expect it will be a long day and they may want to observe him overnight – especially if they need to do some sort of intervention…we’ll plan accordingly.   Logistically it’s a bit short notice but I’m relieved to have a date on the calendar and, I suppose, it’s much better to get it done and know what we’re dealing with sooner rather than later.

Please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for Rudy’s health…they’ll cancel the cath if Rudy has a bug and he has been battling a mild cold since our trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s!!!  We’re going to try our best to keep him quarantined at home between now and then…please pray for clear lungs, no fevers and overall strength going into the cath next week.

We have LOTS going on this weekend including our “Rummage for Rudy” Sale benefiting the American Heart Association.  Come on over to our house between 8am-2pm (6250 Avenida Gorrion Ct) on Saturday (September 17th) if you’re local!  We have alot of nifty goodies to offer – a big THANK YOU to all who have dropped things off for the sale!  The AHA Santa Barbara Heart Walk is just 3 weeks away and all the money we make at the sale will be donated to the Heart Walk campaign.  We are doing great with almost $6,000 already raised for “Team Rudy”!  We are over 1/2 way to our team goal of $10,000.  There is still time to make a donation!  Feel free to visit the official website at:


2.  click on “Donate”

3.  type in my name (Trish Geyling) to find our family’s personal page and follow the prompts from there.

Thank you!  This is ending up being a pretty crazy season and the cath always ends up being a big mental drain but it’s also another big reminder for our family why participating in the Heart Walk is so important…don’t forget to drop me an email ( to let me know you’ll  be joining us after the walk for birthday cake!  We want to make sure we have enough cake and party favors!  Ha Ha Ha

Ok, (deep breath), I think that’s it for now…..thank you dear friends and PRAYER WARRIORS!

“I Am With You Always”

Rudy continues to do double duty in therapy as he adjusts to his new therapy schedule three times a week at the CCS Clinic and finishes up his home-based therapy that he has received through the Regional Center twice a week since we brought him home from the hospital.  We have so appreciated therapists Kris, Gwen and Jodee these past two+ years and will miss their presence in our home very much.  We’re going to make the most of the last two weeks we have with them as Rudy will no longer be in their “official” care as of October 1st but they will always be a part of “Team Rudy”.  🙂   I think Rudy senses his time with the gals is winding down and decided he’d give them a little parting gift…an emerging skill that has been one of our therapy goals for a long time…

We’re still waiting for word from Dr. Harake’s office about Rudy’s heart cath date.  It could be as early as next week so we’re eager to get confirmation on this and plan for the big kids accordingly.  We’ll keep you posted as this will be another big trip down to UCLA for us.

I took Rudy to the Sears Portrait Studio recently for his annual portrait…I was studying the digital prints yesterday in preparation to place an order when I took a closer look at the image below…I happened to bring one of Rudy’s favorite books to the photo shoot and the photographer captured this pic of him as he flipped through the cardboard pages.  He lingered on this page caught in the photo for a long time and when I zoomed in on the image, I was touched to read the title of the page “I am with you always” and to see the image of Jesus holding a little dark-haired boy!  So sweet and such an encouraging image to hold on to.  I have a strong feeling Rudy doesn’t need to read about that bible truth to know it’s validity…he knows that truth through experience for sure but what an amazing visual reminder of the spiritual truth for me today…may it be a sweet reminder for you too!

Celebrating Big Sister!

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Our big girl turns  9 years old tomorrow…a special birthday as Olivia will be 9 on 9-09.  🙂  We enjoyed a celebration with a few friends at Chuck E. Cheese’s on Sunday…a special treat for a special birthday.   Rudy and the big boys joined in the celebration too.  We were, of course, concerned that Rudy would not tolerate the noise and crowds at Chuck E. Cheese’s on a Sunday afternoon but we really wanted him to be a part of celebrating Olivia so we decided to give it a try.  Rudy was definitely cautious most of the time and not too sure about Chuck E. Cheese when he met him up close and personal  but he held it together (except for one meltdown during the high-octane stage show) and his presence helped to make Olivia’s celebration so special. 

A turn on the Merry-Go-Round with the bday girl...
A guarded Rudy meets Chuck E. Cheese for the first time...
Keeping a close eye on the big rat...

Rudy even braved a couple of rides…I brought a tub of Clorox disinfectant wipes and got a handful of cross-eyed stares from onlookers as I tried to nonchalantly wipe down every inch of surface within Rudy’s reach.  My efforts may be proving futile as Rudy came down with a cough, sneezes and a runny nose yesterday.  Oh well, I think Rudy would agree it’s a small price to pay for the fun of new experiences like this ride with Wilson…

Rudy fell fast asleep on the ride home in my quiet car while the big boys listened to their ipods…Rolf, on the other hand, drove Olivia and her party guests home.  Wow, and we thought Chuck E Cheese’s was loud!  Oh, did I mention the closest CEC is about an hour from our house?  Yep, that’s right, 60 minutes of this…ha, ha, ha

Olivia asked to celebrate her bday at Chuck E. Cheese’s many times over the years and when I asked her if the experience lived up to her expectations, she replied “It was better!”.  Yea!  You sure are fun to celebrate Olivia and you sure are a special part of our family.  Happy Birthday Precious Girl!!!

Rudy The Awesome

Homework started this week for the big sibs and Rudy started his PT and OT therapy at the CCS (California Children’s Services) Clinic yesterday so our official fall schedule is underway.  There will be some additional tweaking in Rudy’s schedule in October when he turns three, graduates from the Regional Center’s Early Start Program, possibly starts preschool and we finalize his CCS therapy sessions but, for now, Rudy’s schedule is plenty full and all 4 kids are diligent workers in school, therapy and all their various fall activities.

The kids wrote a song for Rudy during our getaway to Morro Bay and it has fast become a family favorite…songwriting tip #1:  when in doubt, use the word “awesome”!  🙂

Bless his heart, Rudy barely napped all summer and I thought it was because he was outgrowing the need for a daily nap (all my kids stopped napping at 2 yrs!) but as it turns out, he just didn’t want to miss out on any of the sibling fun because once the big sibs went back to school, Rudy hasn’t missed a day!  Ha Ha

Rudy may be getting big but he's not too big for an afternoon nap! 🙂

Heart Walk Update:

A BIG thank you to those who contributed to the Heart Walk so far.  We’re almost at 50%  with a month to go-Amazing!  The kids planned a while ago to have a rummage sale to raise money for the Heart Walk and we’ve decided to have it on Saturday September 17th.  Local friends, if you feel the desire to clean out a closet or two, we will gladly accept any donations for the sale between now and the 16th!  🙂  Thanks everybody!

Blessings to you dear friends…