Packing Up!

We’re back on track with Rudy’s heart cath after a call on Monday notifying us that our appointment was likely going to be cancelled and rescheduled for December(!) threw us into an emotional frenzy.  After spending all weekend making the necessary arrangements to get Rudy to UCLA, we were terribly disappointed and then super relieved yesterday to get the call that Rudy was back on Thursday’s schedule!  Phew!!  It’s been a bit of a roller coaster this week but now we’re all set…Rudy is healthy and happy, the big kids are covered and I managed to conquer the mountain of laundry that occupied our bedroom floor, bed and then floor again for the past week!  Now all we have to do is pack up and prepare to leave early in the morning.  We’re not sure what time Rudy’s cath will be but Dr. Harake would like us to arrive at UCLA by 7am just in case there is a cancellation and they can fit Rudy in earlier.  Thank you, in advance, for praying!  We’re praying for Rudy’s safety, for his pulmonary pressure numbers to be significantly lower and anything else that would make Rudy a good candidate for the Glenn.  🙂

Our Rummage Sale was a grand success on Saturday…we sold alot of stuff, connected with a bunch of people in the neighborhood, spread the word about the Heart Walk and raised an additional $290.00!  🙂  Rudy was stationed in the front yard keeping an eye on all the activity and looking cute…

Nurse Gina dropped by to say "hello"!
Reading a book with big brother Max...

Wilson spent a good bit of his weekend at marching band commitments.  He sure is enjoying his place on the drum line and Rudy likes it when he brings his performance drum home from school…

Future Dos Pueblos drum liner!
Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Thank you for the MANY ways you’ve shown your support in recent weeks…Heart Walk donations, Rummage Sale participation, prayers for the heart cath, etc…how every grateful we are!

10 thoughts on “Packing Up!

  1. Praying all goes well at the Cath and the heart walk is a hugs success. I wish we could walk with you. Maybe next year. I’ll be in Seattle WA with two of my kids when it happens this year. Hugs XXOO

  2. Will be praying fervently for Rudy’s successful and favorable outcome from the heart cath tomorrow. My prayers include all of you too. Please let us know how he’s doing when you can post.

  3. Special prayers for you–Opa’s friends will gather at mass prior to our Bible Study tomorrow and we will put in many prayers and good words with all the heavenly hosts to cover all of you with grace for this procedure!

  4. Thinking of you as you travel to UCLA tomorrow. I continue to pray for another miracle for you Rudy. And a big dose of “stress reliever” for your parents. You are all “achievers”, believers and hopefully, receivers of good things tomorrowl I love you.

  5. Oh my…. the laundry pile! “Memories….” of when I was a kid (5 of us)…. we had a Mt. Kilimanjaro all the time… well, the boys did we girls were a bit better!
    Am praying for you all…. go Rudy!

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