Rudy The Awesome

Homework started this week for the big sibs and Rudy started his PT and OT therapy at the CCS (California Children’s Services) Clinic yesterday so our official fall schedule is underway.  There will be some additional tweaking in Rudy’s schedule in October when he turns three, graduates from the Regional Center’s Early Start Program, possibly starts preschool and we finalize his CCS therapy sessions but, for now, Rudy’s schedule is plenty full and all 4 kids are diligent workers in school, therapy and all their various fall activities.

The kids wrote a song for Rudy during our getaway to Morro Bay and it has fast become a family favorite…songwriting tip #1:  when in doubt, use the word “awesome”!  🙂

Bless his heart, Rudy barely napped all summer and I thought it was because he was outgrowing the need for a daily nap (all my kids stopped napping at 2 yrs!) but as it turns out, he just didn’t want to miss out on any of the sibling fun because once the big sibs went back to school, Rudy hasn’t missed a day!  Ha Ha

Rudy may be getting big but he's not too big for an afternoon nap! 🙂

Heart Walk Update:

A BIG thank you to those who contributed to the Heart Walk so far.  We’re almost at 50%  with a month to go-Amazing!  The kids planned a while ago to have a rummage sale to raise money for the Heart Walk and we’ve decided to have it on Saturday September 17th.  Local friends, if you feel the desire to clean out a closet or two, we will gladly accept any donations for the sale between now and the 16th!  🙂  Thanks everybody!

Blessings to you dear friends…

11 thoughts on “Rudy The Awesome

  1. Hope you are taking advantage of Rudy’s naps and napping just a bit yourself. Stay strong in the Lord and continue to rest in Him.

  2. Those naps will do him a world of wonder. He misses his playmates for sure, way too quiet.:) They need to go into the recording business.
    I was ready to dance 😉
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. You gots to youtube!! That’s an AWESOME SONG for an AWESOME BOY….rather hear about Rudy than a pladypus any day!!!

  4. I have been following your blog for over a year now, and your family always brings me such inspriation! Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you Rolf for showing the world that some men do know how to be REAL fathers!

    Now I read you were in my backyard…if you ever come this way again I would LOVE to do somethig special for your family! Hope your time in MB was blessed 🙂

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