Heart Cath Is On The Calendar!

Okay, so we heard word today that Rudy’s cath is scheduled for next Thursday (Sept. 22) at UCLA.  I’m not sure what time we’ll need to report to admit but I do know he isn’t 1st on the list so we expect it will be a long day and they may want to observe him overnight – especially if they need to do some sort of intervention…we’ll plan accordingly.   Logistically it’s a bit short notice but I’m relieved to have a date on the calendar and, I suppose, it’s much better to get it done and know what we’re dealing with sooner rather than later.

Please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for Rudy’s health…they’ll cancel the cath if Rudy has a bug and he has been battling a mild cold since our trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s!!!  We’re going to try our best to keep him quarantined at home between now and then…please pray for clear lungs, no fevers and overall strength going into the cath next week.

We have LOTS going on this weekend including our “Rummage for Rudy” Sale benefiting the American Heart Association.  Come on over to our house between 8am-2pm (6250 Avenida Gorrion Ct) on Saturday (September 17th) if you’re local!  We have alot of nifty goodies to offer – a big THANK YOU to all who have dropped things off for the sale!  The AHA Santa Barbara Heart Walk is just 3 weeks away and all the money we make at the sale will be donated to the Heart Walk campaign.  We are doing great with almost $6,000 already raised for “Team Rudy”!  We are over 1/2 way to our team goal of $10,000.  There is still time to make a donation!  Feel free to visit the official website at:

1.  http://www.sbheartwalk.com

2.  click on “Donate”

3.  type in my name (Trish Geyling) to find our family’s personal page and follow the prompts from there.

Thank you!  This is ending up being a pretty crazy season and the cath always ends up being a big mental drain but it’s also another big reminder for our family why participating in the Heart Walk is so important…don’t forget to drop me an email (trish@silverbytrish.com) to let me know you’ll  be joining us after the walk for birthday cake!  We want to make sure we have enough cake and party favors!  Ha Ha Ha

Ok, (deep breath), I think that’s it for now…..thank you dear friends and PRAYER WARRIORS!

10 thoughts on “Heart Cath Is On The Calendar!

  1. You go for it first, Rudy and I will follow on the 26th with implantation of a defibrillator/pacemaker. Let’s show ’em how these things are done successfully–ok? I love you, little guy, and wish I could do your procedure for you.

  2. Praying for Rudy! and all of you too! I’m sorry to miss the Heart Walk but I’m definitely going to make a donation. Hugs!

  3. Deep breath, for sure!!! “Be still your soul, the Lord is on your side!” Prayers for a healthy and happy big boy for a heart cath…..

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