Celebrating Big Sister!

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Our big girl turns  9 years old tomorrow…a special birthday as Olivia will be 9 on 9-09.  🙂  We enjoyed a celebration with a few friends at Chuck E. Cheese’s on Sunday…a special treat for a special birthday.   Rudy and the big boys joined in the celebration too.  We were, of course, concerned that Rudy would not tolerate the noise and crowds at Chuck E. Cheese’s on a Sunday afternoon but we really wanted him to be a part of celebrating Olivia so we decided to give it a try.  Rudy was definitely cautious most of the time and not too sure about Chuck E. Cheese when he met him up close and personal  but he held it together (except for one meltdown during the high-octane stage show) and his presence helped to make Olivia’s celebration so special. 

A turn on the Merry-Go-Round with the bday girl...
A guarded Rudy meets Chuck E. Cheese for the first time...
Keeping a close eye on the big rat...

Rudy even braved a couple of rides…I brought a tub of Clorox disinfectant wipes and got a handful of cross-eyed stares from onlookers as I tried to nonchalantly wipe down every inch of surface within Rudy’s reach.  My efforts may be proving futile as Rudy came down with a cough, sneezes and a runny nose yesterday.  Oh well, I think Rudy would agree it’s a small price to pay for the fun of new experiences like this ride with Wilson…

Rudy fell fast asleep on the ride home in my quiet car while the big boys listened to their ipods…Rolf, on the other hand, drove Olivia and her party guests home.  Wow, and we thought Chuck E Cheese’s was loud!  Oh, did I mention the closest CEC is about an hour from our house?  Yep, that’s right, 60 minutes of this…ha, ha, ha

Olivia asked to celebrate her bday at Chuck E. Cheese’s many times over the years and when I asked her if the experience lived up to her expectations, she replied “It was better!”.  Yea!  You sure are fun to celebrate Olivia and you sure are a special part of our family.  Happy Birthday Precious Girl!!!

12 thoughts on “Celebrating Big Sister!

  1. Happy Birthday, Olivia. Looks like fun was had by all. I loved HUGE Wilson in the car with Rudy. Your children are FANTASTIC with their brother. It is so heart warming to read all your blogs and watch all the videos of sheer joy in the Geyling household!

  2. Horray, Olivia!! Happy 9th Birthday. I am glad you made it to Chuck E. Cheese and that you had a fabulous time. Trish and Rolf whew…. you made it!! Well done. When we were kids it was Shakey’s Pizza ………….. Blessings on all of you. Jo

  3. This post just makes me so happy…What awesome memories were made!!!!
    We gave in a lot earlier as Cruz had his CEC b-day at age 5. I loved it, actually, and I had really bad expectations!

  4. Great coverage of a special day. But it is Sept 9 now and the REAL birthday. Congratulations, Livy. I am so proud of you. And Rudy you did great to hold on among all that noise. Oh how I love all of you…………

  5. Happy Birthday Olivia! Glad you had such s fun and special day. Loved all the photos and video too. Praying as always and Hugs to all xxxooo.

  6. Happy Birthday Livy!!! Give a kiss to brave Rudy- man for us…..Chuck E Cheese is one of the scariest places on earth. If he survived that…the rest is a piece of cake…

  7. Happy Birthday Olivia! I have yet to give my kids a Chuck E. Cheese bday. Rudy, I sympathize! You did much better than I would do there. I would have gladly been on Rudy duty and whisked you out of there once you had celebrated long enough!! Your big bday is coming up!

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