Mom’s imprints

Her sense of organization was clearly handed down to this kid…

Seriously, his desk looks like this all the time...we didn't need to tidy up for the picture!

This one exhibits hereditary crafting skills…

Max's chore was to flatten boxes for recycling...he got there eventually

This one inherited a love for the stage…

Livy after this weekend's school show

This one has her uncanny ability to light up a room with a smile…

I could write a lot about Trish and the mother that she is, but it wouldn’t add much to what’s so evident to anyone who’s seen her in action or has even passively been following Rudy’s Beat.  Her devotion and love is shown daily in her concern for all of our kids and especially in the way she assumes the added burden of managing the care of a medically fragile child.  We are so blessed through you, Trish, and we honor you today.  Happy Mother’s Day!

And probably no better way to show it than a dose of Rudy-love!  Roll the video:

Quick Medical Update:  Things have calmed down here after the seizure episode, but now Rudy caught himself a cold and some conjunctivitis.  He’s not really thrilled about the eyedrops and is a little less perky that usual, but still the pleasant trooper.  Expecting all of this to get cleared up before the EEG Monday and then the sleep study on Tuesday.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms!

12 thoughts on “Mom’s imprints

  1. I love you Mom! I wouldn’t be here without you! (Seriously, I wouldn’t have been born without you. Even if I was, we would never manage without you here to do EVERYTHING! Lots of Mcdonalds!) Love you!

  2. I always thought he would be a little smoocher!!! Happy Mothers’ Day to a most beautiful loving mommy and friend!

  3. A blessed and Happy Mother’s Day to you,Trish.No one deserves a special day more than you!

  4. Happy Mothers day to one of the most amazing Mom’s I know! Hugs to your sweet family too. Praying all goes well and Rudy passes his test this week.

  5. Rudy, Wil, Max and Livy have the most remarkable mother I have ever known and I thought my mom was very, very special!! Both your Mom and mine have had special circumstances with which to deal (like the Great Depression with its financial challenges, and Uncle Jack’s polio, and outliving her husband and all of her siblings and parents). Mother’s Day always has poignant memories. I love you, Trish!

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