Neurology Update

Thanks everyone for your text messages, emails and blog comments the past couple of days…we are encouraged by the love that surrounds us!  As you anticipated today’s appt with the neurologist along with us, I wanted to share a quick update on the information we gleaned.  It’s always a little unnerving to meet a new specialist and summarize, once again, Rudy’s complicated history but we appreciated Dr. Corazza’s direct and thorough approach.  Rudy quickly won him over with his sweet smile and, in typical Rudy-fashion, officially welcomed him to his team.  Ha Ha

Rolf was in communication with UCLA yesterday (thanks for the follow-up call guys!) and touched base with Dr. Rick briefly.  As it turns out, Dr. Rick did a fellowship with Dr. Corazza a while back and offered to send Rudy’s MRI films to him which is super helpful…with that information, we won’t need to schedule another MRI and that will spare Rudy the stress of sedation, etc.  I don’t know, this random connection with Dr. Rick from long ago brings a bit of comfort and familiarity to this new branch of “Team Rudy” and we are grateful.

Once again, our iPhone video proved very valuable as we were able to show the doctor exactly what happened instead of needing to rely on our recollections.  In a nutshell, Dr. Corazza believes this onset of seizures is a delayed complication to stroke activity that occurred in early infancy–within all the battles in the ICU, there were numerous episodes where Rudy coded or had major drops in blood pressure that could have deprived his brain of oxygen.  He doesn’t believe Rudy has had any recent stroke activity or that the seizures he had on Monday caused any more brain damage.  This is a relief to us.  The challenging reality is that there are no answers as to why the seizures started now or whether or not this will be an ongoing issue.  He will conduct an EEG test to check out Rudy’s brain waves on Monday morning and then we’ll add him to the list of doctors we see every 3-4 months.  Dr. Corazza agrees with the Keppra treatment prescribed in the ER for now but will adjust if needed.  He was helpful in giving us a detailed action plan in the event this happens again…when to call him and give Rudy a Keppra bolus and when to call 911…very practical and reassuring information. 

We’re not sure if it’s the medication or if Rudy is taking a while to recover but he hasn’t been himself the past couple of days…he’s still pretty wiped out and droopy. He, however, rallied this morning and Dr. Corazza finished his assessment with this observation…”It’s clear the side of the brain that contains ‘good nature’ and ‘affection’ was not damaged.”…a sweet thing to say and it made us grateful that even when he’s not feeling well, Rudy is fundamentally positive and loving. 

We’re planning to go to Children’s Hospital in L.A. on Tuesday night for the overnight sleep study as scheduled.  If he passes, I think we’ll still be able to proceed with decannulation so we’d appreciate prayer for continued recovery from this week’s episode and a successful sleep study.  Rudy has a big week next week!  We have a low-key weekend ahead and will hopefully rest up.  Thank you, thank you all!  As always, left foot, right foot…one step at a time.

18 thoughts on “Neurology Update

  1. Well so nice that Dr. Rick knows so many people, that even makes me feel better. We’ll be praying extra as Rudy and family move ahead and hope all is well with the sleep study. Hugs and kisses to all. Rudy was Jaron special Prayer tonight.

  2. Dear Geylings,

    Our thoughts and our prayers are with you! When I read about Rudy’s need to see a neurologist, I began praying that you would see Dr. Corazza! He served with me on the SB Christian School board many years ago and is outstanding in his field. So glad to add another Christian to Rudy’s team of doctors!

  3. …. yeah, Donna, I love to see how God works things out. Glad you posted.

    Trish and fam. will be praying for a restful weekend for all of you. Blessings.

  4. Praying for you all as always, with extras thrown in. Rudester you can whip that sleep study this time, I just know it!!!

  5. Lovely pieces of grace, these sweet connections with doctors. And such a sweet true thing for him to say about that boy of yours. Praying the study goes well Tues/Weds and that Rudy perks up. New meds – especially brain chemicals – can tire anyone out! Give it a couple of weeks….Peace and love to you all.

  6. As usual, Trish, you put us all at ease with your calm report laced with encouraging words like “reassuring”, “comfort” and “grateful.” Yet words like “challenging” and “no answers” and “not feeling well” and “in the event this happens again” are reminders that the Rudycoaster is a never ending ride with no rest stops. May our God grant you all peace, strength and, yes, rest, along the way. Love you!!

  7. Thanks for all the updates. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Our God is a great God! His loving kindness endures forever.

  8. Keeping ALL of you in thoughts and prayers as you recover from this challenging week and rest up for the one ahead. We love you so very much from over here in Boston!
    Andrea, Mayali, and Kyra

  9. I’m so glad God made His presence known in this situation…connections between docs and no need for new MRIs and the knowledge that there is no effect on brain. I guess that’s why He’s called a shade from the heat and a shelter from the storm. The heat and the storms happen, but He keeps walking us through them. But I’ll be praying for less heat and fewer storms for the near future!

  10. In my experience with patients on Keppra, they can tend to be or appear more sedated, or lethargic initially, as they get adjust to medication.

    Hopefully, this will lessen as his body gets to therapeutic dose levels with Keppra.

    Glad you have connections to the Neurologist from with another doctor, and know I pray all the working spokes to the working wheels of Rudy’s life is seamless with health care approach.

    Love and continued prayers for you, family, and Rudayyyy!!


  11. Hey guys,

    Justin here…not really sure what to say. Praying that Jesus will give you all some more answers. In the midst of it all, anyone can see that God is so present. We love you all. Rolf, feel free to call me or email me Please know I’m here for you friend.

  12. try to read update each week; didn’t know what a rough week it had been ; prayers for Rudy and all his love ones (Nick’s Grandma)

  13. So thankful to read about all the blessings and HIS presence through it all.
    May God continue to shower grace upon you!!!

  14. Hurrah for the right hemisphere, Rudy’s champion. It is through this structure that children do most of their learning in the first three years, emotion, relationships, experience. Why else would he be able to so engage all of us and keep us under his delightful spell? Not to mention Rudy’s fabulous family and medical team. Good luck with the sleep study!

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