Waterpolo Anyone?

At a quick glance, it looked like Rudy was getting ready for an action-packed waterpolo match this morning in the Neurologist’s office but actually he was prepped for his first EEG…it didn’t hurt him but it sure pained me to try to keep a 2 1/2 year old still and occupied for over an hour.  Seriously, STILL.  How is that possible?  I did my best and pulled out every trick in the book but I’m not sure we got enough usable data.  We’ll see…we have to wait a few days for the results.  🙂 

Uh, yeah, Rudy didn't like this cap...

Our week of “challenging tests for a toddler” continues tomorrow with our trip to Children’s for the sleep study.  Rudy and I will  head down to LA mid-afternoon to beat the traffic  and the test will be tomorrow (Tuesday) night.  Please pray that he’ll be healthy and the study is successful.  He’s so much more aware than he was even last November during the first sleep study that I’m curious how he’ll tolerate all the sensors and lines to which he’ll be connected again.  I’m praying he’ll fall asleep soon after we get to the lab before they even start connecting him to all the lines.  The sleep study data is read and interpreted by a pulmonologist at Children’s before it’s sent to Dr. Pornchai at UCLA so we’ll have to wait a while for the results…it took a couple of weeks last time so we’ll need to be patient.

I just have to share these pics taken of Rudy and our neighbor’s dog,Scout, on Friday.  Our other nurse-friend/neighbor Jannele offered to watch Rudy for us so the rest of us could all go to Olivia’s school performance of “High School Musical”.  Scout and Rudy took an immediate liking to each other and Scout didn’t leave Rudy’s side…she even wimpered whenever Jannele moved Rudy to a different part of the house…tooooo cuuuuute!

Rudy's new BFF


Rudy getting some Scout-love!

Precious!  Thank you, dear ones, for your prayers…we are humbled and grateful!!!

6 thoughts on “Waterpolo Anyone?

  1. There is a nice Starbucks in the Vons next door…

    If you need Eastern European foods, goto the Jon’s Market across the street…

  2. Rudy should go straight to Hollywood. What an entertainer. Have I told you lately how much I love this guy? 😉
    Prayers are on their way…

  3. Thanks, Janelle, for being such a sweet neighbor so the Geyling’s could go to Olivia’s show. Rudy, that is a big dog! Glad he/she liked you!

  4. Been thinking about you guys so often! Wanting to call but rarely have more than a few minutes. Know that we are praying for you and hoping all is well! MUCH LOVE!

  5. Angela had to get that test done when she was 6 months old. I never thought to take a picture!!!!!!

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