Too Busy To Post

We’ve been so busy this week with our family scattered in all directions that we failed to get an update posted but all are back under one roof again and we’re staying close to home today as another “weather system” is passing over the coast. 

Grandma Jo flew in last week just in time to help us celebrate Max on his 12th birthday…a fun-filled afternoon with friends, food and bowling!  Then it was time to pack up and send Rolf and Max off to Catalina Island early Monday morning for Max’s 6th grade outdoor/marine education school trip called CIMI (Catalina Island Marine Institute).  It just so happened that this was also the final week of dress rehearsals for Wilson before his school’s production of “Bye, Bye Birdie” this weekend, Livy had a few afterschool practices for her upcoming school performances and sprinkled in between all the shuttling to and fro, Rudy had a couple of doctor appointments.  Grandma held down the fort keeping busy with the laundry and ironing and banked quite a few “Rudy hours”.  Rolf and Max had a safe and fun week, the school musical was a smash hit and Wilson’s performance as an enthusiastic 1950s teenager was “spot on” and I’m starting the week off with all my laundry caught up so it has been a good week all around.  🙂 Ha

And then there is Rudy…happy, as long as somebody is paying attention to him and very happy now that he received the last of his synagis injections for the winter – brutal simultaneous injections in both thighs!!  Our monthly cardio-appt with Dr. Harake showed no change in his heart status so we continue to wait…things are stable enough to wait 6 weeks (instead of 4) for our next appt.  In the meantime we’ll focus on Rudy’s next sleep study and making progress with decannulation.  Unfortunately there has been a delay in getting the sleep study scheduled at Children’s LA but we have the approval to move forward so hopefully we’ll get that on the calendar soon.  I’m in no hurry, though…with spring break coming up in a week, I’m eager to have a fun, relaxed week with all the kids at home.  🙂

Grandma Jo will head home on Tuesday and life will settle back into a normal rythym after all the extra-special activities of the past couple of weeks…but, of course, “normal” doesn’t mean uneventful in this family so stay tuned!  Ha Ha

Happy 12th Birthday Max!!! 3-10-11
Rudy got to go to the dress rehearsal since he doesn't tolerate large crowds OR applause! He liked the music!!

 Wilson’s official “head shot”…these Jr. High productions are becoming quite sophisticated…

"Break a leg Wil"

Wild CIMI fun…

"DON'T break a leg Max!"
Super Parent Chaperone!

Olivia’s rainy day pasttime…

Max joined in the fun...
Rudy's no dummy...he stayed indoors and played ball with Grandma!

10 thoughts on “Too Busy To Post

  1. Trish/Rolf

    I get that “so busy don’t have time to post,” pace, and I only have one!

    Hearing of Wilson dressed in 50’s teenage garb gives me flashbacks of watching you numerous times singing “my boyfriends back,” and doing the 50ks medley!

    Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree! Love to you and continued prayers for all to stay “normal hectic and yet routine direction!”


    Kendra and Kayla

  2. Sounds like you all hand a great week. Fun for all. Glad all is well. Hope we’ll be seeing you down this way one of these days for a visit to SD. Still bummed I missed seein gyou last time. Hugs and prayers as always. XXOO

  3. To all of you Rudy fans…….Little Mister Personality has learned so many things since I was here in September. It is good to find him stable and continuing to learn new words and skills. He now says bye with a wave, dada, mama, uh oh, ball and constant jabbering. He stands in his bouncy chair and wears himself out bouncing. This is so great for strengthening his legs. He loves music and keeps a good beat. When one’s name is mentioned he looks at the correct person. He loves interaction with his siblings and can “play rough” right along with them. His day nurse, Dodi, and I try to teach him to play gentle but that is not as much fun! Thanks for continuing your prayers for a miracle healing. He is such a little fighter. This world is a better place because of him and the impact he and his family are making on all who know them. Thanks for all you do to encourage them!

  4. I love what Grandma Jo said….he can say Mama and Dada! Very cool! My head spins seeing how busy you all are! So glad Rudy is doing well….My blue bracelet still serves as a good reminder to pray for you all!

  5. No way! Justin and I went to CIMI when we were in middle school too (we knew each other from way back then =) …but we didn’t have any parent chaperones as cool as Rolf =)
    What a blessing family/Grandma Jo is!
    Rudy looks great.
    Continued prayers…
    the Nelsons

  6. So…anybody else having trouble picturing Wilson as a 50s teen? What exactly did you do with his 70s hair? Would love to see a picture in a subsequent Rudy’s Beat post.

  7. It all looks like fun! Wilson was great in his play, lot’s of energy and great dancing. I still owe you for the tickets, don’t let me forget! xoxo,K

  8. Oh my gosh, Steve! They wanted us to straighten it and slick it back but that would have involved 2 hours of effort with my straight-iron before every show with still no guarantee it would stay straight past the first act!!…I suggested he sacrifice for the art and cut it but that didn’t go over well. Ha So, it stayed the way it is and he sure was easy to spot in the ensemble numbers! 🙂

  9. I’ve enjoyed reading several of your entries. Thank you for sharing some of your stories with everyone. I got this website from a lady at ur church michele ditch? (I believe that was her name) she happened to watch an youtube video our church did on us that my uncle showed her. Our lil zoey has had two heart surgerys and another one coming up soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family. If your intrested in seeing the video go to and search Pollard baby dedication I bet you would understand more then most. (For some reason I can’t cut and paste the link right now.) Thanx again. Feel free to add us on facebook if you’d like im MICHAEL “GILLY” POLLARD AND MY WIFE IS KATIE BUTLER-POLLARD. well keep your family in our thoughts and prayers.
    Much Love,

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