Spring Break 2011 – Day One

Our spring break is starting off wet and dreary as it is raining…again…here on the central coast!  Although the kids got outside for a bit today, most of our day was spent indoors purging and sorting the kids’ bedrooms (a spring break tradition – ha!).  I told the kids that if we got our “jobs” out of the way this weekend then we could play the rest of the week.  They did a pretty good job so far.

The other “to do” on our list for this week is haircuts…everyone needed one badly so I started with Rudy at 11am and it took me almost 3 hours to do all the boys and the big boy!  I don’t dare attempt cutting Livy’s hair so she was the last to get her’s cut this afternoon at Fantastic  Sams – we even splurged on some hair bling.  Olivia decided to do a little hair styling on Rudy before we left and his bold fashion statement caught on…

Fashion taken to a new level!

Things quickly took a turn for the absurd and poor Rudy had no say in the matter…

Introducing "Rudina"!!!
But, he sure liked the attention…
I sure hope our sun and warm weather return quickly…not sure what another day cooped up indoors will lead to!

13 thoughts on “Spring Break 2011 – Day One

  1. Nobody rocks pink hair like Rudayaaa!the guys look cute neatly coiffed with their grooving hair pins:) Wet indeed! And love the green hillsides but Sunny So Cal just soaked Cal!
    Love and enjoy break w kids!!


  2. Loved the hair bling on the boys and the pink locks on Rudette. So cute! I hope you all have a great week together!

  3. OMG, I know kids like having a Bieber hairdoo, but my bro rocking a Katy Perry style?! I guess Max can help him master GarageBand so he’ll be ready to tour with ‘Up With People’ or a Bob Dylan tribute band by 3?

  4. Gotta say, Rudy rocks the Pink! Reminds me of when the girls got Grandpa to where a pink dress with a bow – priceless!

  5. Love ya, Rudy. Rminds me of Alex in a tutu wird red wig and orthpedic shoes. All little brothers get this treatment.

  6. Trish,
    Love the pictures. Rudy looks adorable. We think of you so often. God’s Blessings to all of you.
    Diana & Glenn Savage

  7. I know – try the lederhosen with the wig!! Ach du lieber! If laughter is good medicine, no one will get sick at your house this spring break. We love you all!

  8. They are all too cute!!! Take comfort that you are saving a pile of dough on those boy haircuts!! The sun IS coming….hope it’s during your break!

  9. All of this fun at your house while Jayhawk nation is in distress mode during March Madness. With rain, snow and cold here for days and rain in your area of California how can this be Spring Break? Lighten up Mother Nature.

  10. love reading your posts ; love Rudy and your family, yet we have never met; we have a connection, I wear my heart most of the time(even to bed) I have many compliments and tell strangers just a little about it. We have a connection, and we feel blessed for everyday (I think we will always live in fear; everytime I hear a ambulance..I think…Nick only lives 5min. away and also goes to school only 5minutes away. thinking of you, Nick’s

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