Off to the park…

The big sibs wanted to take Rudy to the park all by themselves. Said they know how to suction him and can call if there’s a problem. Couldn’t come up with any good reason to say no. Made our eyes misty to watch them head out…

17 thoughts on “Off to the park…

  1. Way to go big sibs! Not surprising, given all you tell us about them, but impressive nonetheless!

  2. Did you follow at a distance? Hiding behind bushes along the way? I would be so hard for me to let my kiddos go.

  3. You did more than SOMETHING right. You have a marvelous family. I can’t believe the sibs even wanted to do this. They are a marvelous lot. God picks His families well!

  4. What great kids you have! You have certainly created a loving, compassionate family! To God be the glory!

  5. I’ll bet you stood there dumbfounded by that request…and then you considered WHO was asking, and you knew Rudy was in very capable and loving hands! Wow…they really are remarkable young people!

    I hope you enjoyed the brief respite. (You will enjoy it more next time!)

    Rejoicing that they are all growing up well!

  6. Awesome siblings Rudy has there. Happy they crossed a new milestone today, many more to come. Hugs and prayers as always.

  7. We love your family. This is so cool to see, and makes us even more excited for Moriah to be getting a baby brother – to take her to the park someday =)

  8. Just wanted to add an “Atta Girl!” to Livy for wearing her helmet…and even though Wilson is driving the stroller, it might have been a good idea to put a helmet on Rudy!!!

  9. Woah! This independent adventure just after the “yo-Adian” tumble! BRAVE parents, Glory to God. Wonderful Siblings!

  10. You couldn’t think of any good reason, yeah… except for the stroller derby that just took place a few days ago!!!!! 🙂
    (very cute pic, though)

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