Cool by the pool!

Perfectly on cue, some incredible summer weather came for Memorial Day weekend.  The cool weather hasn’t stopped the kids from swimming previously, but today was one of those perfect days to have a pool.

Rudy sat on the deck and was having fun watching Max.  It wasn’t too long before he got splashed.  A bit startling at first, but then it was kinda funny!

That gave me and Max an idea, so we rigged up the kayak…

Pretty cool to have a big brother like Max.

Rudy can’t wait to go back out again!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  More fun to come!

5 thoughts on “Cool by the pool!

  1. Love to see enjoying the pool. Have a super holiday weekend. We stillpray for you Rudy everyday. Hope you’ll be down for a visit to San Diego one of these days.

  2. I love you guys and your kids. Rudy is looking good hanging poolside. I hope you all have a fun and blessed summer! xoxo, K

  3. How fun! and you’re right about “weather on cue!” Not being around Rudy much it’s amazing to see how active he is with his hands and kickin’ those feet!!! He sure has come a long way!

    Have a great weekend!!

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