Happy 20 months!

Rudy’s monthly milestone never loses its significance but I admit it didn’t dawn on me that it was June 1st until the day was almost over!  Rolf and I just tried to wake him up for the ceremonial photo op but he didn’t have the energy to cooperate…

Picture time!


Not gonna happen!

 Oh well, we did manage to capture this little gem of a photo earlier this evening with friends Cady and Thomas so we did get to commemorate the day with a special pic!  20 months old today, Rudy,…Well done little man!

Happy 20 months Rudy! June 1, 2010

 Rudy made progress in sitting over the long, holiday weekend…he tolerated sitting in a shopping cart for a quick trip through Michael’s and then again through Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Earlier today he made it through a longer stretch during a Costco run!  It’s a wobbly sitting session but he is learning to hold onto the bar in front and catch himself!  Once again, well done little man!!

Baby steps...

16 thoughts on “Happy 20 months!

  1. Love the pix! But what cracked me up is that you are still fitting in three stops with kids – Michael’s, the grocery store and Costco. I would have absolute mutiny, at least on Mateo’s part!

  2. That’s wonderful! Riding in a shopping cart must be a big relief!!! Go Rudy go! So….Rudy is gonna be TWO in four months!!! Incredible!

  3. That’s a great picture of Rudy in the shopping cart. I’ll bet he likes to sit and see all the different sights…well maybe Toys R Us would be more enticing for him!
    Happy 20 month birthday, Rudy!



  4. Oh my gosh, that picture of Rudy in the shopping cart is priceless. Too cute for words. It is such a blessing to see his progress. He might as well get used to those Costco runs, right Trish! 🙂 Love you guys!

  5. I’m with you Rudy, DO NOT wake up for photography that interrupts the beauty sleep! You’ve earned all those extra zzzz’s: Way to go big boy!!!
    Lots of love,
    Michele (and Earl)

  6. Wow! I love the shopping cart photo! So cute! That is so great he can sit up an dhold on. I love it! What progress. He does look like a little man – such a distinguished face. love you guys!

  7. Happy 20-month Birthday, Rudy. I see you get top spot on the human pyramid–that was my spot in my first grade tumbling group! Nice group0 of siblings and friends, too. Fun, isn’t it? You are learning so many new things, sweetheart. Keep up the good work. We are so proud of you. Are you saying, “Mama or DaDa yet?” Love to all.

  8. Oh, Rudy – I TOTALLY get the ‘don’t wake me, don’t bug me’ look in the first couple of pictures. I’m with ya, boy. I am currently at home recuperating (WAY too slowly) from a bad health scare and hospital stay last week, so I feel your pain at being awakened when all you really want to do is s-l-e-e-p! And sleeping is what’s helping you to grow into such a magnificent young man – SO BIG – and so handsome! Congrats to all the Geylings on this amazing milestone. Looks like a fun summer ahead, friends. Love to you each and all.

  9. thanks for sharing some more great pictures, I’ll also share; last evening was Nick was going to take a swim, he told me how the girls in his class(5) saw some of his scar with his tank top, after lots of questions and answers he said they wouldn’t leave him alone at lunch, he needed his friend as a bodyguard, he was famous……gave us a laugh, Nick’s Grandma

  10. Sitting up in the shopping cart is a huge thing! Developing trunk strength is key to all milestones that follow. That is fantastic news! Way to go Rudy!


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