Show and Tell

We’re counting down to the end of school so it seems that there’s some special event every day.  Wilson had a band concert and got inducted into the Junior Honor Society.  Olivia had two field trips and participated in the school lip sync.  Max had a spring sing and a special class presentation this morning.  Rudy is a trooper and goes along for the ride, even though he doesn’t like crowded rooms with lots of applause and cheering.  That’s why he really liked Max’s presentation as it was in a room full of quiet and well-behaved kids.

Listening to Max's presentation

As Miss Grant and Max’s classmates have been following Rudy, they were particularly interested in Max’s reports about Rudy being able to speak with his new valve.  So, Max promised them a little show and tell.

Max showing everyone the speaking valve

Rudy knows when the spotlight is on him so he happily gave them a show with a few really good squeals.

Max showing off his little buddy

The kids are counting down the days until the final school bell rings on June 3rd.  We are so proud of them and are glad that Rudy has such caring and dedicated older siblings.  He lights up when they come near him so we’re looking forward to a lot more of that with them home for the summer.  We’re also so grateful for the special school community at La Patera and how they’ve taken interest in Rudy and surrounded our family on this journey.

We finally have blue skies and sunshine.  It’s going to be a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. You all our so full of life and light! You have an amazing “sphere of influence” ……Rudy you are so blessed with such a wonderful family!!!!

  2. What sweet kids you have! That just makes my day to see such a loving, proud older brother. What a lucky little brother Rudy is!

  3. Love to see Rudy’s smile; and the smiles he gives others. In Ct. our kids go until June 23, Nick could have gone to Boston Children’s for his yearly check-up that day or June 30; so as he is leaving the grammer school this year and healding to 6th(middle school) he did not want to miss the last day. Next Sunday we will attend another yearly Little Hearts Picnic, which many attend. Prayers for a good summer for all, Nick’s Grandma

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