Wait time = Play time

Although the thought of waiting another 5-6 months for the Glenn conjures up some anxiety, it does mean we have another summer at home under one roof and that is a huge blessing…priceless time!  The time we spend waiting can be filled with alot of playing!  We got a jump start on the summer with a rare trip to the park yesterday.  The park we went to had a perfect swing for Rudy and he had some special outdoor time with his gal pal Stella:

Rudy and Stella
Stella showing Rudy how it's done!
Deep down inside Rudy is loving his playdate with Stella!
A picture of concentration

I know waiting is the best option for Rudy’s lungs as we want to give them time to grow and heal.  But so often in this journey (as is true in most health crisis situations, I suppose) it feels like the necessary treatments require a sacrifice of one thing for the well being of another.  One of my big concerns for Rudy in waiting for his heart surgery is how it will effect his overall development.  Rudy is actually due for his 18 month assessment later this month with the OT/PT services we receive and it will be interesting to see where his developmental delay falls in general but since he still isn’t sitting on his own or bearing much of his weight, there are some areas where I guess he is still registering in the 3-5 month range.  The longer we wait, the deeper the hole he’ll have to climb out of so to speak!  ‘Just opens up alot of questions for me…will he catch up?…how long will it be before he sits up…crawls…walks?  Will there be a day when we put a spoon to his mouth and he doesn’t gag…when he’ll be able to feed himself?!  Now that Rudy is transitioning from being a baby to a toddler it’s hard to not look down the road (something I’ve made a conscious effort NOT to do the past 18 months) and wonder.

I must add, however, that even though Rudy’s delays are becoming more and more obvious the bigger he gets, we don’t overlook or take for granted the huge steps forward he has taken…just this past week Rudy tolerated being on his stomach for a few minutes during his therapy session which gave us cause to celebrate!   We’re also enjoying seeing his happy personality emerge more and more…he’s a bit of goof ball, too, as you can see in the following video:

With the added therapeutic-play benefit of having brothers and sister home during the summer, we’ll no doubt see progress in the areas of Wii playing, drum pounding and craft making!  🙂  Baby steps…

15 thoughts on “Wait time = Play time

  1. Love the video. I think Rudy likes to watch Max pick up his toys, so funny. Still praying for Rudy and family everyday. Love you guys.

  2. Nope, not the rattle, not the slinky, not the ball, not EVEN the telephone! So cute! What a great big brother to play with Rudy so well!

  3. I love the views you give us into family interactions. Rudy evidently feels quite comfortable with his siblings! Prayers for all of you as you progress through these times. Missing Oma at our morning coffees!

  4. Why play with toys that have been developed by the world’s greatest minds in early childhood development, when you can play with wooden spoons?

  5. One of the classic all time photos of Rudy snarling…..he’ll like the girls soon enough! Nice job on the video Max….another classic!!

  6. Such fun to see – all of it! I, too, am particularly fond of the Rudy-snarl – loved it, in fact. Personally, I think that look alone is worth about 10 ‘evaluations’ as to his ‘progress!’ He’s coming along at his own sweet pace, and there just ain’t no rushin’ it.

    It’s so hard not to imagine the future, isn’t it?? You are learning – and teaching! – so much about being in the present moment through this whole experience, Trish. When the worry-scurries descend, breathe deeply and look at what is right there, right now. There has been and there will be strength and hope enough for that, whatever it may be. Here’s to a lovely, play-filled summer!

  7. Ummm…you SAY that deep (I’m sure your mean VERRRRRY deep) down Rudy likes his little gal pal, but the look on his face seems to strongly indicate otherwise! Got a good giggle out of that one, thanks for sharing your days with us…

  8. loved seeing this video! I am so blessed each time I read your post. You are an amazing family….I know you have heard this before but it is definitely worth repeating! xoR

  9. I see Rudy that you still like playing “let’s throw the toys” game! You are definitely aware of things going on around you and the spots where you can take control. What a possum you are, Rudy! I have returned from my weekend in Dallas/Ft.Worth. I hope to see you and Cameron playing together some day. He gives his big brother “fits” but he is a cutie and loves to eat. Maybe he could teach you how good solid food (lots of it) would taste to you. Riley loves his little brother but doesn’t like it when he feels it is a bother. So cute. Two more cousins you have to meet some day. Tatum is a good Mommy, too. Just sweet like your Mommy. It was fun to see Texas Christian University and check out Rachel’s environs–beautiful campus–she wants Emma to enroll there next year. We all love you, Grandma Jo

  10. P.S. Aunt Michelle really treated me and her mother like royalty. What a fun trip.

  11. We want to know what Rudy DOES like? Is there a Part 2? Hee hee.
    I imagined Max was going to put a remote control car in front of him and Rudy would just hug it or something.
    Such sweet times…

    MIss you friend.

  12. Thanks for sharing your concerns that come with delaying the Glenn. I’ve wondered what they are. Now I have more fodder for prayer. Love the pics and video 🙂

  13. I will be praying for you and your concerns and for Rudy’s development. He has got some great expressions in those photos…..I love the one where Stella is sitting on him and he’s looking at her like……get the heck off of me woman! Thank you for sharing…..love you, sista!

  14. love the video, Rudy’s smiles always put a smile on my face, thanks for sharing Rudy. Our Nick just turned 11, on Friday he will have some baby teeth out at the oral surgeons; getting ready for braces, yes; a little extra concern(no big deal for most) but we are so thankful to be experiencing some of the little things in growing up. Prayers for Rudy , even throwing those toys is a GOOD thing, Nick’s Grandma

  15. In reading your thoughts of the past 18 months and what the future holds, I was remembering the intense lessons we learned on “what if” and ‘If only” when our son was a child. Adoption was a LONGGGG time coming and held some very threatening moments. Then his personal needs took precedence in our thoughts during his middle years and now as an adult, his behaviors and choices still concern us greatly. I have discovered for myself that it is all about learning to trust God and keep my thoughts focused on His truth. It truly is a journey. You all are very blessed to have each other. Your family is a beautiful example of enjoying life through it all. I am inspired. Praying for you and for Rudy. xo

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