“Happy Birthday Teenager!”

Happy 13th Birthday Wilson!

It’s official!  As of 1:50pm this afternoon, we have a teenager in the house…Wilson turned 13 today!!  We enjoyed a family celebration tonight at Palazzio’s (Wilson’s choice) for dinner and then we walked down State St. to Rite Aid for ice cream.  In between, we made a quick trip to Wilson’s “happiest place on earth”…no, not Disneyland but Borders bookstore…where Wilson happily spent some of his bday money and now he and Rolf are watching a late night showing of “Clash of the Titans” in 3D at the Arlington!  A super end to a full week of settling back in and catching up on Dr. appointments…

In a nutshell, it looks like Rudy weathered the trip well as everything checked out stable this week.  We saw Rudy’s pulmonologist at UCLA on Tuesday and he was pleased to see Rudy so animated and active.  He remains optimistic that his lungs will improve in time and was encouraged by Rudy’s general condition.  At 29 pounds 9 0z, Rudy shot up to the 90th percentile for weight but remains at the 10-25th percentile for height (31in) so we’re cutting back on his feeds a bit.  The other big development is the addition of a Passey-Muir valve.  It’s an attachment that will go on Rudy’s trach allowing him to vocalize.  We’re so excited and hope that Apria is uncharacteristically efficient in processing the prescription so we can get started teaching Rudy how to talk!!!  Ha Ha

Dr. Harake confirmed today through Rudy’s monthly echo that his heart is stable…no significant changes.  This is good news and allows us to give Rudy’s lungs more time to heal.  In fact, if the heart remains stable, Dr. Harake won’t schedule the next heart cath before September…giving the pulmonary hypertension drugs a full 6 months to do their magic.  Based on some earlier conversations, I had in mind that we would possibly move forward toward the Glenn over the summer so today’s information requires another mental adjustment for me but I know that in the long run waiting is the better option for Rudy’s lungs and, prayerfully, heart.  In retrospect we’ll look back on all this and see the wisdom in God’s timing…right?  🙂

Our "night on the town"!

But, for now, it’s all about celebrating Wilson (You’re so fun to celebrate Wil!) and enjoying the fabulous weekend we have ahead of  us!  ‘Wishing you all a restful weekend too!!!

14 thoughts on ““Happy Birthday Teenager!”

  1. Happy Birthday to Wilson. We added a teen to our home 3/13/10 so welcome to the club. Praying for you all as always. xxooxx

  2. Happy Birthday Wil….ah…it wasn’t long ago that you were a babe in arms….but now you’re a dude! Woah! Impressed with your “happiest place on earth!”….it’s cheaper too.

    Oh and Trish and Rolf…..life is full of adjustments isn’t it??? May you have some great summer memories…..There will be endurance and enjoyment for every day!!!

    love you!

  3. Hmmm! My #4 son had a birthday yesterday also. Must be a terrific day to be born. Belated birthday wishes to Wilson. Sounds like it was a great birthday and glad to hear the good news about Rudy. Still praying for all of you!

  4. Birthday blessings to the young adult-in-transition at your house! LOVED those teen years, so fun to see these children God gives us become full-fledged, highly opinionated, feisty, thinking people. Not that they don’t think as children, but there is a sea change in this next decade – count on it.

    I am praying that your new French-named valve comes through QUICKLY so that your youngest can begin to hear his own voice and step into the world of vocal communication. That is great news. And I feel your mixed reaction to what feels like yet another delay. I am sure it will prove NOT to be wasted, but a gift – but man, it’s hard to readjust so often, isn’t it?? The Geyling family gets another summer without hospitalization and surgery – surely that will be a good thing?? Or maybe it would be easier to handle without the pressure of school schedules as well – as always, Trish, you have NO control over this and that is such a hard thing. Deep breathing, simple prayers of release, facing into what is instead of what you wish for ONE MORE TIME. By God’s grace, you can do it this time, too. I’m sorry you have to – but where Rudy is concerned, I’m slowly learning to trust the process, as circuitous as it seems to be. Love and prayers to you – this day from the south coast of Maui where we are vacationing, truly vacationing, for the first time in a couple of years. (as opposed to a ‘trip’ which is also great, but not nearly so restful). Love, love to you all.

  5. Well, we aren’t writing from Maui, BUT it is a beautiful Spring day in eastern Kansas. The landscape is beautiful with budding trees, green lawns, white pear tree blossoms and pink redbuds. trees Wow, what an artist our God is! It was a treat to talk to you on your birthday, Wilson. We are so proud of you and love watching you grow into such a fine young man. Stay on course, you are doing GREAT!

  6. Wow, you guys are old!!! A teenager! Happy B-day Wilson! I love that your hair is getting big again and I hope you had a wonderful b-day celebration. I think you are one cool dude! Glad to hear that Rudy is doing so well, too. love to you all, K

  7. I don’t know who Diana is but I want to be her when I grow up! I love her wisdom,so I will just say “ditto”to whatever Diana says…Bless you Geylings!

  8. guess I shared a Birthday with someone acrooss the land {63yr.}, the true celebration was having my 4 grandchildren with me; on the 15th we will celebrate Nick’s 11 Brithday, the gift of Life. Nick’s Grandma (Rudy’s check-up seemed to go well, soon he’ll be able to let you know, Bless All)

  9. Wow, just catching up on the last few posts…seems like your family has been on some great adventures! Happy birthday to Wilson…Happy Homecoming Anniversary to Rudy! and happy news that check ups seem to be going very well! 90th percentile for weight…wow! Still on the shorter side? You wouldn’t know if from looking at his brother holding him!! Glad all are doing well!

    Prayers and Best Wishes!

  10. Happy Birthday, Wilson! I do believe that title on the page was over or under a picture of Max and Rudy! Hope you enjoy being a teen-ager!

  11. Happy Birthday, Wilson. I too come from a large family (I have three sisters and two brothers, I’m the oldest) My youngest brother had an extremely difficult illness as a young child, not nearly as difficult as your brother, but hard on on all of us. I really wish, I had reacted as well as you have.
    Congratulations, you are a teenager, but as a forty ish year old, I admire your dedication to the damand that have been put on you and love you and your brother and sister exihibt to Rudi. BTW. My brother is just fine, father of a lovely five year old and I really hope to travel along with the same path and that you have the opportunity to play with Rudi’s child. Being a big brother carries some responsibilities, but great rewards further down the line.

  12. Happy Birthday Wilson! From Garrett, who just became a teenager on the 15th!

    Such great news about the attachment for the trach! That is extremely exciting.

    I know waiting is hard when the Glenn looms ahead but sounds like you have terrific doctors who are being careful and conservative which is a very good thing.


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