A Captive, uh, Audience…

Rolf and I walked into the kitchen this evening to find our rock n’ rollers rocking out to Green Day.  Since we asked them to keep an eye on Rudy, I expected to see Rudy in his chair watching the stellar performance in awe.  Well, see for yourself…be sure to turn your volume up to 100% for the full effect…

I guess if you learned to sleep in an ICU, you can sleep anywhere.  I’m glad Rudy is getting a good nap…we’re off to Knotts Berry Farm for a belated family birthday celebration early tomorrow morning.  I think Rudy will either LOVE it or HATE it…we couldn’t have more excited big kids though!  🙂  We’ll let you know how it goes…

6 thoughts on “A Captive, uh, Audience…

  1. Hey, guys, have you named your group? Most audiences would be and will be more into your music. Give him time and Rudy will be too! Does Livy have a tambourine? She could add to the rhythm! Good to see you having fun. I would like to be in your audience. Love you!

  2. zzzzzzzzzz….Trish- he takes after you….many memories of sleeping Squish on movie nights at the Vans…

    Rudy is so big now!!! DUDE!

    Love ya!
    The Vans

  3. So this is my Saturday night entertainment and I am rockin’ and rollin’ with the boys….love it!!

  4. Too cool. Tell Wilson that I can see him headlining with his own band some day and Max has got some pretty good moves going on there too. I want front row seats to their first gig. Rock on!

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