One Year later…

It’s April 7th…APRIL 7th!!!  Perhaps only the most astute Rudy’s Beat followers will note that date, but for our family, I don’t think it’s a date we’ll ever forget.  One year ago, it was the day we wondered would ever come; the day we got to bring Rudy home from the hospital.  Maybe he missed the place a little and went back for a couple weeks before he was home for good, but we’ll never forget seeing those indefinite conversations begin to include ruminations of discharge dates.  First the windows were spoken of in terms of potential weeks (give or take); then certainty increased and actual days and dates were pinpointed.  Of course, the Rudycoaster made for a few fits and starts, but few days defy description like the one that saw seven months in the hospital come to an end.
…and it’s been a year.  The docs were hoping that we could get Rudy out of the hospital for even as little as four to six weeks, just to create a bit of space before he needed to go back for the Glenn.  I believe it was Dr. Rick who held forth that, beyond any medical reason, he felt it was important for Rudy to know what home was.  That it was nothing like the regulated environment of the ICU.   The bed is comfier at home–and you can snuggle in your sister’s, brothers’ or parents’ too.  It’s warm sometimes, cold others.   It gets light in the morning, dark at night, and flickers when the sun comes in through the trees.  There’s noise from brothers, sisters and birds outside the window.  There’s laughing, dancing, singing, nerf wars and wrestling matches.  The room can smell like flowers, dinner (when Trish cooks) or Febreze (when Trish cooks tacos).  Things change; there’s variety–hopefully experiencing that will instill a desire to fight his way out faster next time. 
We’ve stayed put more than any other year we can remember, but have also been able to have our share of adventure.  There’s no way around the trite observation of how quickly twelve months have flown by.  They’ve been stuffed with the emotions and stresses that we’ve come to see as part of this unique journey.  But along with the challenges come particular riches and beauty.  We’ve been blessed to have twelve months of that.
Great to have you home, Rudy!


April 7, 2009--home at last...
April 7, 2010–Still home, still happy!
We never get tired of reliving that day.  I think we’ll be watching this a few more times in our home tonight…
Greg's Discharge Day Slideshow

12 thoughts on “One Year later…

  1. NO WAY! Rudy’s been home for a year???????!!!! and not immediate need for the Glenn. Home sweet home…..thank you God for this whole year!

  2. Yeah… it has flown bye for us as well… Maybe another trip to San Diego is in order to celebrate! We’d all love to see your family and how big Rudy is now. Love and prayers as always.

  3. I was literally just emailing a friend in London the poem i wrote for Rudy in Nov. 2008, when I saw this pop up in my RSS feed. I was thinking about what a journey it’s been since then… and was actually wondering to myself, “Hasn’t it been a year since he left the hospital?”

  4. Wow, it’s been a year! You all look wonderful and Rudy’s obviously thriving. God’s blessings on each of you.

  5. This one made me cry. So grateful that Rudy has gotten to experience so much of home. That was one of the things we begged God for. That we would be able to bring Josiah home. While it was only for 3 short days, I will never forget the moment we laid him in his crib at home and he experienced the sunlight for the first time. He stared out the window looking at the trees and smiled like we had never seen him smile before. It was amazing! I’m so grateful for those moments.

  6. What an amazing year! Look at how healthy he looks today; what a beautiful little man and a beautiful family. Love you guys!

  7. I was at UCLA this morning and thinking back…praising God that you we’re still living “in the room”.

  8. We try to enjoy everyday to its fullest; it seems to me , you folks have; you are an amazing Family, Bless All of You, Nick’s Grandma

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