Home Safe and Sound!

Happy Belated Easter Dear Ones!  We send our greetings from Santa Barbara…home safe and sound after our visit to Kansas.  Our intention was to post throughout the trip but we ended up without WiFi access along the way and then we got home to find our WiFi at home wasn’t working (!) so here is a belated pictoral recap of our fun picking up where I left off in the last post.

Before our final push to Lawrence, we made a quick stop in western Kansas to visit my mom’s hometown – a special childhood summer destination for me!  We had a photo shoot at the family gravesite and the kids learned a bit more about my maternal grandparents…especially meaningful for me as Rudy was named, in part, after my grandpa Clint.

Once in Lawrence, we enjoyed special time with family…

Smiles with Grandma Jo
Laughs with Grandpa Dick
And even a nap or two...
Meeting Uncle Rick and Aunt Leslie
Meeting Uncle Steve and Aunt Michelle
Fun with the Wilson cousins (sans Rachel, Rob and Stefanie)

Another highlight of our stay was a quick trip to Allen Field House and the KU Hall of Fame where Grandpa Dick is honored for his track and field accomplishments.

Allen Field House: Home of the Jayhawks - Kansas University
Our NCAA Champ
Future Jayhawk?
Time to say goodbye...

After great visits with extended family, special friends and Rudy supporters from First Baptist, it was time to load up the beast and get back on the road.  We hoped to return home via the Colorado Rockies but because of a big mountain snow storm, we were forced to head south through Oklahoma. 

Our trek through Oklahoma offered a special greeting to Rudy and...
...an impromtu pit stop with Smitty! (Our Christian Assembly friends will appreciate this pic)
The Smiths (sans Sunny)
Our trek continued through New Mexico
And an overnight stay on historic Route 66
We set up the RV for our last overnighter in Arizona...yep, we're all looking forward to getting back to our own beds!

On our last travel day, we decided to take the extra time to head back to Las Vegas so we could see Hoover Dam.  Thanks to Hollywood the boys were excited about the stop as well…I mean, who WOULDN’T want to see where the government hid the Transformers?  So we drove via the dam road, to take a dam picture and visit the dam gift shop.  Yep, that joke got ALOT of mileage throughout the day…

The Impressive Hoover Dam

Our lunch stop in Vegas included a visit to the home of "Pawn Stars" - one of our family favorites!
Rick, the Old Man, Big Hoss and Chum Lee weren't in on a Saturday but the security guard took a special interest in Rudy and was sweet to the family.

 We also timed it well to stop in at the Bellagio Tiffany & Co to say a special hello to Rudy’s friends


A big thank you to the Bellagio team for their warm welcome!


Rudy liked the Bellagio water show...

California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and back through Nevada and California all in a total of 6 days on the road!!!  Rudy experienced countless new adventures, met family and new friends and turned 18 months old – an adventure well worth all the effort…here’s to many more adventures and memorable travels!

The end of an eventful trip - Happy 18 months Rudy!!!!

Thanks so much for praying for our safe return…as it turns out, we missed more than a couple of bad storms and caught a couple of big problems with the RV before they became big problems for us on the road!  We are blessed!

Rudy and I will be hitting the road again early tomorrow (Tuesday) morning for an appointment with the Pulmonolgist at UCLA…the first of 4 doctor appointments this week!  Maybe we’ll have some new information to share…I’ll keep you posted!!

18 thoughts on “Home Safe and Sound!

  1. Thank you all for coming to visit! It was wonderful to see you and spend time with you…Rudy is quite a little trooper, as are all of the Geylings! We are blessed as a family in so many ways.

    Glad you made it home safely and now….life goes on! Looking forward to the Rudy update from all the doctors!

    Love you all!

  2. Welcome back to California….it wasn’t the same here without you- ha!

    The pictures of Smiling Rudy with his Grandma and Grandpa brought tears to my eyes….I’m SO GLAD you were able to make this trip.

    Endurance and peace to you all this next week of dr.’s appointments!

    Love you!

  3. Breathe taking! Looks like it was an awesome trip..Wow God is soGood…..
    Glad you are back home.

  4. What great photos and great memories for you all! I could’ve gone through life without seeing Rolf in his Pajamas though! 🙂 What a blessed time…….glad you are back! Love, Kelly

  5. What a super trip – so glad you have the chutzpah to go for it and make the memories. Did you find the guy by the dam that cooks all the beans, Rolf?

  6. What a fun 5 days in Lawrence, Kansas! Thanks for the memories!
    Love you so much, Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick

  7. Thanks so much for sharing all your fun trip pix and of course I laughed the most about the “dam gift shop” and “dam picture”, but I am so glad you guys are all back safe and sound. Love you guys!!! Please keep us informed about this week’s events!

  8. Done that trip a few times. Beautiful country…good to hear you are home safe and sound! God bless you.

  9. That western KS gravesite looks awfully familiar….do I remember correctly that your mom is from Quinter–this photo looks much like one I took of us visiting the family gravesite a few years ago! Maybe all western KS gravesites have those cool cedar trees?

    A family RV trip…you guys ARE amazing! You must have had a GREAT time!

  10. Welcome home weary travelers!!! i do love vacations yet I so love it when I’m back in my own bed, too.

    Looking forward to continuing the Rudy Adventure with you…

    Blessings to all, Jo

  11. Was great getting to see you guys and meeting Rudy..so good to finally put a face to the name in person. We are so jealous you got to look up the home of Pawn Stars…Would love to meet the “old man” and especially Chumleeeee. Looks like the trip home had lots of special moments, glad you are home safe and sound.

  12. Welcome home and awesome trip. Our current German student is names Thomas Fink, I never met a Fink before. Small world.

  13. Thanks for the great pix!! As a loyal Jayhawk, I loved seeing the shirts and field house etc. You packed in tons of stuff. Glad you are safely home!!

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