Time Fillers

A big thanks to everyone for all the birthday greetings and well-wishes.  My birthday officially marks the start of the Geyling “birthday season” as mine is in February, Max’s is in March, Wilson’s is in April and Rolf’s is in May!   Poor Livy was all by herself in September until Rudy came along and added October to the line-up!  Ha Ha   At least we have alot of upcoming activity to fill our time as we wait for news of Rudy’s surgery.  Unfortunately, Rudy has yet to start the two new meds prescribed THREE WEEKS ago due to a few challenges in obtaining the proper authorizations, etc, etc, etc…We see Dr. Harake again on Friday so surely we’ll get it all squared away by then.

In the meantime, we thought you’d enjoy seeing some of our recent miscellaneous fun…

Whether he is in his over-crowded day crib or on the floor, Rudy's preferred sleeping position is spread eagle!
Olivia giving Rudy his nebulizer medication...
Rudy learning the finer points of GameBoy from Max!
Max and Olivia on a Girl Scout Family Snow Trip!

 (The following “cool pics” are courtesy of Greg Lawler!)

All smiles in the snow!!!
(As a fully trained Girl Scout Leader, I must add a disclaimer that the following recorded activity is not sanctioned by Girl Scouts of America OR
Brownie Troop #50649 due to the risk factor involved.  This is what happens when DADS, after watching too much Olympic snow cross, chaparone.  It was, however, the favorite part of the trip for our little dare devils and in their words “AWESOME”.)
Big Air!
Wilson was the substitute drummer at church this weekend!  I sent Max up front to catch a little footage of Wilson’s debut…the video is a little bouncy because Max got into the moment and started dancing as he filmed!   🙂  Oh well…it’s fun nonetheless!


7 thoughts on “Time Fillers

  1. Awesome Wilson!!!! Luke thinks he’s going to be the next David Crowder.
    That snow looks awesome!!…..

    Kisses to Rudy! Love and prayers for you all!

  2. they are fab photos! sorry we missed you two at yogurtland the other week or so ago. our two new flavors are coming in this week… yum! red velvet cake batter (love the cupcake version) and yuzu tart (an asian fruit with a tangy taste). I can’t wait to try them! rolf, it was great to see you at the tour! may we bump into each other again soon. it was an inspiration to see transforming of lives through really holistic stuff.

  3. What great photos! I am so bummed that I missed Wilson drumming at church on Sunday. Steve said he did awesome. Glad you had a great b-day sista! Love you, KElly

  4. I’m forty-eight years old and even at my advanced state of decay, I exclaimed to myself: “Awesome” when seeing the plastic flyer launch. Thanks, for bringing me back. I had to switch internet boxes and hadn’t checked on Rudy’s progress for a bit. Very glad to see his happy face with his siblings. Nice job with the nebulizer (one of those items, I had heard about, but never visualized)
    Go Rudy.

  5. What a fun family! And the snow is so glorious. I bet the girl scouts are officially jealous of the unsanctioned snow fun!
    Love to all,

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