17 Months!

My computer has been acting up the past couple of days and I wasn’t able to commemorate Rudy’s 17-month bday so here’s a quick, belated post!  Rudy got a special treat on Monday with a visit from Earl the blogging monkey.  Earl belongs to a friend from church and is a fellow wordpress blogger…he came and brought some love and smiles to Rudy and helped us celebrate 17 months!!!  Well done Rudy!!!  You’re doing great….

Earl was very curious about all of Rudy's equipment...
Rudy's paci-monkey was a big hit!
March 1, 2010 - 17 months old

 As of yesterday, Rudy is on his 2 new pulmonary hypertension drugs…Tracleer and Viagra.  The Tracleer comes with ALOT of paperwork and instructions for monthly blood tests to keep tabs on his liver function as well as monthly consults with the specialty pharmacist…all very much routine but a little intimidating.  The Viagra (Revatio) is dispensed every 8 hours so we’re back to a staggered med schedule which discourages me for some reason this morning.  I’m sure it will all become second nature like everything else in Rudy’s care but today it’s new and different and I don’t have the energy for “new and different”…I just pray the meds work without any adverse side effects and help Rudy in his slow journey from point B to point C.  It’s funny how there are days when nothing is particularly “wrong” but  still it takes all you can muster to remember “right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot”…crazy stuff!  Okay, I’m off to officially update our med schedule!

14 thoughts on “17 Months!

  1. Dear Rudy: I had so much fun meeting you and Paci-monkey. I will blog about you tonight. We have so much to celebrate!

    Thank you for the beautiful blue hospital monkey, too.
    Much love,

  2. Trish, dear one – this is not ‘crazy stuff.’ This is a normal, rational response to another – yet another! – change in what little routine your life has had since Rudy’s diagnosis. It’s a big part of this whole, difficult process: living with the constant dread of yet another ‘shoe dropping.’ And a change in med schedule feels like a small slipper has pounded to the floor with a surprisingly resounding crash! You’re right- you will adjust to it. But you’re just plain DANGED TIRED of adjusting – and that is completely understandable. Completely. Give yourself room to feel all those emotions – even the ones that you might suspect are somehow not ‘good enough,’ or ‘brave enough.’ You’re plenty brave, plenty good. Let this little emotional response breathe a little – greet it as a normal part of what life is right now – uncertain, sitting on the edge of things, waiting, waiting, waiting… You’re doing a grand job, Trish. Simply grand.

  3. My dear Trish and Rudy, We are so sorry to hear you both have a cold. That does not help anything and only makes you both more tired. One wonders how many “extras” one can take. We pray you both feel better very soon. We are so glad Rudy seems to be tolerating it without running a temp. Now if there were just a way for you to get more rest………………….

    We love you, honey and wish we could “fix it”……….Love Mama

  4. I quite agree with EVERYthing Diana has said, and want to add just one thing: Trish, you do all this with poise, grace, and your beautiful smile…you are a hero!

    PS: Earl with the paci-monkey was quite hilarious, and yet somehow Earl with Rudy was such a surprise! Firstly, I had no idea Earl was so BIG and two, and they both seem to be conveying messages of peace.

  5. Oh Trish…..you handle so much with so much grace! I’ve never met anyone with it all under control like you! I think you’re having a down day…you’ll be fine tomorrow!!

    Is that beautiful boy sitting up in that picture???? MY GOSH that is one handsome little dude!!

    Love and prayers!! I wish I could take you out for a massage!!


  6. Love the monkey. Love the Photo of Rudy. Love that you are an awesome mom doing a super job with new stuff all the time. Love your family. Praying as always. Hugs and kisses.

  7. …..and in the midst of your changes, adjustments and everything, you keep all of us in the blogosphere updated in such a timely, transparent and winsome manner! You are one awesome woman, Trish!

    By the way, Rudy’s haircut and style is looking very good! What a chuckle to remember the “way it was” back in the hospital days!! Not to put any pressure on you, but thanks for keeping regular haircuts a part of Rudy’s routine!!

    Looking forward to next month! Love you!!

  8. Wow, Trish, what would you do if you didn’t know that Someday Rudy will be completely healthy, Someday you can rest,………I can’t imagine the tedium of yet another assignment!! Praying for your endurance……Kisses to Rudy and the band…

  9. Trish,
    Honest to God, Olympians have nothing on you!!! You, Rolf and family deserve the Gold Medal for what you have gone (& are going) through!!!! Serious!!

    I pray that God will give you quadruple (or more!!) the strength!!!

    Love and lots of kisses!!

  10. I found you on Moriah’s blog and wanted to tell you how awesome you are to take time out to care about other families when you have your own struggles.
    Rudy is adorable and I will say prayers for good health.

  11. Look at that face Trish! Rudy is so gorgeous! Just like all you beautiful Geylings.
    I sure miss your sweet smile, I hope we can hang out one day soon…
    I’ll be in L.A. visiting dear Kathryne next week, but I guess Santa Barbara is a little too far to get in a few days. Miss you!

  12. Hey guys, we were just reading up on Rudy’s mrds for hypertension. Moriah is on viagra as well, but we haven’t heard of the other one. Do you know if this is a new drug that is out?
    Love the updates, keep them coming 🙂
    Love, the nelsons

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