Shhhh…you aren’t supposed to know what today is!

We were told not to make a big deal of things today, but sometimes you have to bend the rules just a little bit.  We thought about bursting forth in a festive chorus, but realized that Rudy couldn’t sing along.  Instead, we mustered the creativity and precision to come up with this display.  OK, so we had to wake Rudy up from a nap and the camera work leaves a bit to be desired, but if you set that aside it begins to evoke the  pagentry of the opening ceremony in Beijing.  Maybe just a little.

Happy Birthday, Mommy!  We love you!!!

12 thoughts on “Shhhh…you aren’t supposed to know what today is!

  1. …..that was perfect……mommies sometimes like quiet things…..they love laughter and singing…..but a silent Happy B-day greeting now that’s over the top!

  2. TOO CUTE!! And interestingly enough, the options provided at the end of this little tape are all hot numbers by Beyonce. Certainly fits! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRISH. You’re the greatest.

  3. Happy Birthday, Trish–a bit late! We were visiting our granddaughter in the Panhandle who shares a birthday with you and I missed wishing you a great day on the actual day! Hope it was great and I continue in my prayers for all of you!

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