Yes…I LOVE the DMV!!!!!

The journey of having an ill child is one of discovery.  It starts with suddenly being made aware of a condition (like HLHS) you never even knew existed and from there the new discoveries just keep coming–complications, medications, surgical procedures, medical specialities and hospital survival secrets.  Unfortunately, one also discovers such levels of soul-sucking beauracracy that bring forth speculation of whether Dante miscounted.  We try not to dwell on the more frustrating dealings of managed care, medical billing and insurance approvals but dealing with these details does take up significant amounts of weekly time and energy.  Bottom line, we are so grateful that we’re well provided for–we don’t have to stress about having coverage, even if getting all the parts lined up is a continual chore.

So, as this week had the usual share of goose-chases and phone trees, I thought I’d focus on the positive and give credit where it’s due.  I recently had the joy of dealing with an effective, efficient and very compassionate beauracracy.  None other than the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  After months of taking Rudy out in public with his stroller, tanks and gear it suddenly dawned on us that the powers that be might have had us in mind when they created all of those disabled parking spots we were always walking past. 

It wasn’t that hard to download the forms and get them signed by our doctor, but my actions conveyed little faith on that Friday morning when I headed off to see what gives.  I had a book, the newspaper and even stopped for a large coffee to get me through the inevitable wait.

It took less than four minutes.

The friendly reception lady looked the form over, punched a couple keys on her computer, opened her drawer, handed me the golden (OK, blue) ticket and told me the renewal would arrive in my mailbox in May 2011.  It was hard to conceal my shock (not to mention my reading material) and I uttered amazement of how quick and easy this all was.  She said, “What do you think this is, crApria?”…No she didn’t say that, but did suggest that I should enjoy my coffee and newspaper in nicer environs than the Goleta DMV.

It was easy.  Easy is good.  The DMV was easy, therefore the DMV is good.  I love the DMV.  Now we only need to remember to use our handy placard.  On more than a few occasions we’ve driven circles around parking lots like all the little people do before we remember that Rudy gets the VIP treatment!

Rudy is very proud of his placard.
VIP all the way!!!
It's good being a VIP!

Embrace the blessings when they come!

13 thoughts on “Yes…I LOVE the DMV!!!!!

  1. Loved this post, Trish. It’s not bad preparing to go to war and find that the gates to the city are open and people welcome you.

  2. Awesome! Glad you get the VIP treatment now. Best DMV story I ever heard. Still praying for you all! Hugs and kisses.

  3. I LOVE that you took the leap! I have been walking past the handicapped spots for over a year now… trying to squeeze Owen into his carseat with the oxygen when someone parks WAY too close to me. I keep saying to myself.. it’s too much of a hassel to do it. You just motivated me!! THANKS! I think I’ll print that form and take it to the doc on Tuesday! Watch for that post!

  4. You of all people deserve this placard…..don’t think Rudy is excited is you, but he’ll understand some day!

  5. P.S. Hubby, who blew out his achilles exactly one year ago, was lamenting the loss of his handicapped placard just last night…we were living large for a wee bit.

  6. The placard makes a great chew toy too… But use it only with Rudy there… Even though there are probably days when Rolf feels creaky and old…

  7. Took me years to go for the DMV tag. Some sort of weird denial thing I had going on for quite a while. We have had ours for 5 years now…yes it took me over 7 years to get at peace with a handicapped tag. It took me carrying Garrett’s stroller and equipment (up and down stairs) almost a quarter mile at Camden Yards in Baltimore to convince me we needed one. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor when one his flock needs a kick in the head? 🙂 It has been a godsend! Glad you woke up earlier than me.


  8. As always I enjoy your stories and following awesome Rudy’s progress. He is quite a blessing and your family is , well, amazing. It’s been a year today since we last saw Rudy at UCLA. Precious baby Angel went to be with our Lord on that day. Minutes earlier we (my daughter Allison and I) had been enjoying visiting with Rudy and Trish. I am blessed to have met you, only wish the seven weeks we were there we had introduced ourselves much, much earlier! God bless you all, I so enjoy your blog. Cindy

  9. After seeing so many park in handicap with tickets…..then they run into the store…..I try to tell myself maybe there is a underlying problem; always try to find the good in people, sometimes not easy—when we know what HLHS families are going through, Nick’s Grandma

  10. Hi Trish! I love these posts! The placard photos are just too cute. BTW, a belated Happy Birthday to you!!!! May God just continue blessing you and just showering you with peace and his everlasting love!! Receive a big hug and kisses from me!!!


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