Missing Josiah…

We’ve been overdue for a post and Trish is planning on writing one this afternoon.  There’s much on our hearts as we approach Thursday when we’ll return to UCLA for Rudy’s heart cath.

Even if a cath is among the less concerning procedures Rudy has had to endure, having to check back into the hospital brings on a flood of memories and emotions.  Our uneasiness is heightened by the news we just got about his fellow warrior, Josiah, whose HLHS battle ended on Sunday.  Even though thousands of miles separate us, our hearts are knit together with Milo, Erin, Daylia and Hazyl.  May God give them peace and comfort in circumstances where no words can.

More shortly–thanks for walking with us through this.

4 thoughts on “Missing Josiah…

  1. Praying all goes well with Rudy’s heart cath this week. I am wearing my new Rudy heart today (thanks Trish). We will keep praying for you all, as well as little Josiah’s family.

  2. We prayed for you all in our Tuesday morning Neighborhood Women’s Bible Study today, and I’ve been thinking of you this whole week, knowing that it’s a particularly rough one for all of you. Such a journey you are on. I can only imagine the stomach tightening, teeth-gritting stuff you’re dealing with – lean back into grace, if you can, and let the prayers of God’s people carry you right down that freeway to UCLA and into the cath lab. Love, blessings, prayers.

  3. We’re praying for Rudy and all of you every day and especially this Thursday. God bless Love, Jane and Joe

  4. Dear Ones, We would so love to be with you Thursday. We will be checking on this blog often to get your updates. Our fervent prayers enfold all of you as well as the medical teams at UCLA. The Great Physician will work it out perfectly according to His plan . Try to rest with that assurance. We are standing by …………………loving all of you.

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