Packing The Overnight Bag

I pulled my overnight bag out of the garage to pack  for this week’s trip to UCLA and I had to laugh because it was still packed from Rudy’s last heart cath back in June!  I guess I was a little distracted when we got Rudy home and the scary thing is I didn’t miss any of the items that were packed away for half a year!  Silver lining? – one less item on my “to do” list this week (pack overnight bag…done).

My heart has been both anxious and excited to move forward as I’ve anticipated Thursday’s cath but, I admit, today’s news of Josiah’s passing has taken the wind out of my sails and I wish we could just scoop Rudy and the big kids up and hide somewhere far, far away.  That, however, is not an option.  We can’t go back, we can’t detour around it…we have to walk forward into (what feels like) the eye of the storm and pray.   And so, we ask all you prayer warriors to, once again, deploy on Rudy’s behalf and blanket him with prayers for wisdom among those planning his treatment, continued healing of his lungs,  a successful heart cath procedure,  an encouraging post-cath report and, most importantly right now, good health.  If Rudy catches a bug, the cath will have to be rescheduled and poor Maxi came home early today because he vomited at school.  At first we thought it might just be because he had a vigorous workout in PE after lunch but he has continued to empty his stomach – five times since getting him home – and, understandably, he’s fading fast.  I’m praying his body clears everything out  soon and he is then able to sleep it off.  Please pray Max recovers quickly and Rudy is protected from any virus or infection lurking around.  

Rolf and I will take Rudy down to L.A. early Thursday morning and Rudy’s cath will, most likely, start in the early afternoon.  For those of you who are freed up to check the blog on Thursday, we’ll post updates throughout the day.   We hope to come home on Friday with a date on the calendar for the Glenn!  Bless you, friends, and thank you!

14 thoughts on “Packing The Overnight Bag

  1. Poor Max! We’ll pray he gets better and that the germs don’t spread….to little Rudy! We pray the Cat Scan will go smoothly and that you will have definitive, encouraging results!

  2. Trish – Keep oscillium (sp) on your shelf. It is a homeopathic flu treatment that is available in CVS brand on their shelves. It does help with some symptoms. Max can take it and he may find some relief. Sounds like you all better be traveling with it! Praying for a healthy week and no postponements! love,

  3. Praying for Max and all exposed to be well, and that all goes well for Rudy Thursday. Will be checking your blog for updates. Love & Hugs and kisses all around.

  4. I’ll be praying for all of you! I’m at the hospital Thursday. Feel free to stop by. Otherwise I’ll see if I can sneak away. Good luck Rudy!!!!!

  5. Praying for you all during this time and I pray for Max’s healing and that Rudy stays bug free for the Cath. Looking forward to lunch today with the ladies, Trish. Love, Kelly

  6. Prayers continue… but with renewed fervor. Bracelet is back on the wrist for outward expression of my inward heart for your family.

  7. Many prayers coming your way, Rudy!! We will pray for wise doctor’s, discernment, and beyond-great outcomes.

    We will be awaiting your next post, Trish.

    Much love and encouragement!!!

  8. Lots and Lots of prayers go out to you from our family for smooth sailing. I too am going to wear the Bracelet. Much Love, Lisa, Paul, George and Nick

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