Celebrating MLK Day

We braved the harsh rainy weather early this morning to make our way to the annual Martin Luther King Day Celebration at the historic Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara.  We felt it was worth bundling Rudy up and taking him out in this dreary weather to see big brother Max present his winning poem at the big event.  Max was this year’s first place poetry winner in a city-wide competition among 1st-6th graders.  It was a morning filled with state and local dignitaries, speeches and music but our favorite contributor was, of course, Max:
Live Together Poem by Max Geyling
We should treat each other equally
Black men and white men with
Black women and white women
And all other kinds of colors of people
We should bring each other flowers
In the early morning hours.
As brothers and sisters living in peace,
Our hatred and sorrow will be released.
If we listen to MLK Jr. and keep our cool,
We’ll perish as friends, not as fools.
Luckily it’s over where I live
Because I have friends of all colors.
We’ve noticed we can have fun
With the ones our ancestors called dumb.
We can play together,
live together,
cry together,
laugh together,
and die together.
At our school you won’t find one fool.
Miss Grant came in support of Max! -So sweet

 Max was well supported by Wilson, Olivia and Rudy and his teacher, Miss Grant, who was kind enough to come as well.  It was a special opportunity and Rudy enjoyed being a part of it all…

Rudy likes celebrating MLK Jr!
The Arlington Theater offers the added bonus of viewing the actual "Gone With The Wind" couch used in the movie! Rudy is wondering why he can't get a diaper change on it...

And so, we mark our journey with Rudy with yet another memorable holiday.  ‘Just 10 more days until the heart cath…anxious and excited…and, as always, very grateful.

14 thoughts on “Celebrating MLK Day

  1. What a blessing your family is to all of us. Your posts make my day and I marvel at the many gifts you share with everyone….your family is one giant present!! Happy New Year! xxooR

  2. Great job Max! A fine speech you wrote and delivered! I will let Austin and Kylie hear it as we read a good book about MLK this week!

  3. You rock, Max! Great job – writing AND reading. Congrats to the gifted parents and the talented siblings, without whom Max the Great would simply be Max. Which isn’t a shabby thing to be, come to think of it. :>) Well done!

  4. Max- we’re soooo proud of you!! Congratulations!
    And what a cute little brother fan you have! 🙂
    Aunt Andi

  5. How preciousis that! Congratulations Max on winning this contest…..you and your family have made living gloriously color-blind a part of life! I love the poem….and it looks like Rudy did too!

    Here’s loving you more….

  6. Hi Rudy! It was quite an effort for your Mom to get all of you ready for such a public event. We marvel at her determination to be supportive of all of you kids and your activities. So glad you could enjoy the fun!

    Max, our dear grandson, thank you for working so hard to be a good student and good friend to others. It makes your parents and grandparents so grateful to watch you grow into the fine young man you are becoming. Jesus loves you and guides you by providing you with such a loving family. Always be true to Him and to yourself and please continue to accept the wonderful guidance of your exceptional parents.
    Know what? I love you!

  7. You did a great job, Max! Coming from a great family like you have it is no surprise that you one first place!

  8. Max, I love some of the great theological themes you have running through your poem that seemed to just wiz right over the audience. Good job, young man!

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