A Tale of Two Weekends

Our family had two eventful weekends in one.  First, Trish and Olivia got to go out to Kansas for a mini family reunion with the Wilsons.  The highlight was joining Grandpa and “Team Wilson” for a 5k run/walk.  Rudy joined along in spirit as G’pa Dick competed with a pair of Rudy’s “running socks” pinned to his number.  Team Wilson dominated the course with Wilsons in the front of the pack, holding steady in the middle and bringing up the rear throughout the race and EVERYONE finished with a smile on his/her face.  G’pa won bragging rights as the #1 male walker of the day with his good friend Bob coming in a close second!  Olivia was determined to walk too and finished despite the heat and humidity…not quite sure what she thought of humidity (ha).  She also experienced her first Midwest thunderstorm AND the thrill of catching never-before-seen lightning bugs!

Livy stretches out with Grandpa and cousins Rachel and Emma before the race
Livy stretches with Grandpa and cousins Rachel and Emma before the race


Thumbs up at the finish line!!!
Thumbs up at the finish line!!!
Another win for G'pa Dick!
Another win for G'pa Dick!
Team Wilson
Team Wilson
A rare "sibs pic" with big bros Rick and Steve :-)
A rare "sibs pic" with big bros Rick and Steve 🙂

Back here in Goleta we had a full weekend of our own.  Before I get into the details I have to mention the Rescue Mission graduation on Saturday night.  We celebrated the achievements of a dozen heroes who completed their twelve months in the recovery program.  Thanks Heather, Jessica, Kelly, Nanci, Rachel, Andrew, Ben, Cal, Edward, Jay, Morris, and Sergio for being examples of how intimidating struggles are best approached by leaning on the people God has placed around you and by taking things one day at a time.  I love what I do in that it gets me a front row seat to watch lives transformed. 

Stepping back from the profound, Wilson and Max declared this weekend to be a “DUDE-CATION” as all the females in the family had vacated the premesis.  I was glad they took time to brief Rudy on the elaborate wild-man rites undertaken when boys find themselves separate from girls for extended periods of time (because I needed a refresher).  Turns out there’s quite a bit of freedom to be taken with bodily functions and noises–and more extensive and detailed conversations regarding them than I ever thought.

On a true dude-cation, all meals must  be eaten without utensils.  Considering there was toast and sandwiches in good supply, this was easily done, but I thought there would be an exception made when it was time for lasagna.  Turns out Max’s commitment runs deep, even when the melted cheese singed his fingers.

Max Lasagna#1


max lasagna #2









You laugh a lot on a dude-cation, which is always welcome.  True dudes also laugh in the face of danger.  While anyone can enter the pool the conventional way, it’s much more fun to do something daring:

Wilson Roof Jump
Max Roof Jump

OK, I know.  Responsible parents wouldn’t let their kids do this, but after you let them roll your six-day-old down into the OR for heart surgery your notion of what’s dangerous gets altered.  Not to mention, it just plain ROCKS!  Rest easy, there’s no picture of Rudy engaging in the ceremonial Dude-cation roof leap…yet.  I guess you’ll be sending your kids to someone else’s house when you go out of town for the weekend.

18 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Weekends

  1. What a blessing to seeing you all sooo alive and healthy!
    Praise God for the great reports re. Grandpa Dick and it
    was fun seeing your brother Rick looking so healthy, too!
    Remember when we used to go to the USO and prayed
    so much for him in the 1990s. God is sooo faithful!!!

  2. OMG – leaping off a roof into the pool! Dude-cation, indeed. I only hope you covered Rudy’s eyes so he doesn’t get any big ideas . . . too soon. Way to go, Olivia!

  3. That is the best dude-cation I have ever seen or heard of. Glad you all had such a great time. Hope the girls foudn something fun and girly to do as well. Hugs and kisses to all.

  4. Awesome roof to pool shots Rolf. Hope Trish doesn’t nix it all when she gets home. Where’s the pic of you jumping???
    Glad you’re all well and having fun together. That’s Family!!!

  5. thanks for sharing moments and pictures……great to see so many smiles….keep them coming…..Nick’s Grandma

  6. Dear Rudy, Please know that you are a big part of the “Wilson family”. Your big brother “kind of” understands because he was named for your mom’s maiden surname. Evidently Olivia does not yet understand the relationship. When Team Wilson was donning our special t-shirts for your Grandpa’s race, she cried because she wanted a Team Geyling shirt!

    After the race the family females stopped along the curb to line up under the street sign naming Wilson Street in Topeka. By that time she felt a part of things and was all smiles. It may not be our claim to fame as much as Geyling Strasse in Vienna, but we are proud because…..
    IT IS FUN TO BE A WILSON. We love you, Grandma Jo Wilson

  7. Are you kidding me???? Jumping into the pool from the ROOF??? I can’t even begin to go there. I will NEVER let my grandsons read this blog because our pool is a good 30 feet from the roof and they might start getting ideas. YIkes and double YIKES.

    Glad the girls had a great trip to Kansas and good to see Trish’s dad looking and doing so very well.

  8. Dudes – I am bummed I could not been there for the dude-cation. It would have been the greatest (though the former lifeguard/principal in me may have been tempted to lay down some rules to protect life and limp….)

    Until the NEXT DUDE-CATION!

  9. My Y-chromosome was tingling as I read the later half of your post. Way to go, “Guy”lings!


  10. Uhhh! Better let me know when you plan the next Dude-cation so I can double my prayers for all the Geylings out that way! Whew!

  11. Oh my gosh! As a grandma my heart jumped a leap when viewing your pictures of leaps into the pool. But to be totally honest…..it looked like fun. I think it comes from growing up with 3 brothers and that saying still sticks, “I can do anything you can do better”. In my younger years I probably would have tried for a cannonball. Please don’t tell Olivia this. Great pictures from Kansas and from Santa Barbara! Love, Cousin Dianna

  12. We want to see Pappa-dude jumping!!!!
    Go Olivia…good job on the run and cheering!
    See you soon!

  13. Rolf – images of you throwing my boys around in someone’s pool 20 years ago surfaced as I read this. Then I was actually afraid you might not know your own strength and land them “out of the pool”. So glad you were only practicing on ours and saved the “really scary” stuff for your own! Keep having fun!

  14. Wow! I would have tried to disguise myself as a “dude” just so I could join you! (All except for the lasagne, Max–you got me on that one.)

    Love you guys!

  15. Man, I can’t wait for my son to get bigger. I want a “dude-cation” That is classic Rolf. And of course for Trish and Olivia to go see family in Kansas. That rocks too.

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