Rudy Climbs a mountain

Even though some kids with heart defects can’t go to upper elevations, Rudy went on a high-altitude adventure (kind of).  Nurse Aliza spent the last few weeks hiking the John Muir Trail and took him along. 


Aliza bracelet

Aliza bracelet2

Thanks for sporting your handsome Rudy bracelet, Aliza–Rudy and Lance make good company.  If anyone else happens to take Rudy on an adventure, we’d love to hear about it.

3 thoughts on “Rudy Climbs a mountain

  1. I guess I just took Rudy to Oregon! Then he went to the Bay Area with us on the way back. Rudy has spent a whole lot of time in our car and he wasn’t a problem to travel with at all (and some time in the suitcase when I wasn’t wearing my bracelet). But I’m sorry for not asking permission to take him with us. Next time we’ll definitely ask first.

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