Is There A Doctor In The House?…

Actually, there were TWO!!! 

Dr. Rick and Dr. Susan

Lucky for us, Dr. Rick and his wife Dr. Susan were in town early this week and had time to stop by for dinner Monday evening.  What fun it was to see them both and catch up while enjoying a summer BBQ rather than seeing Dr. Rick in the context of discussing Rudy’s medical condition bedside in the ICU.   We tried hard not to pepper him with questions about work and the goings on at UCLA but it sounds like all are well.  Although Rudy slept for a good bit of their visit, he did wake up long enough to study Dr. Rick’s face trying very hard to place him, I think.  We were encouraged to hear Rick say that he thought Rudy had good color and appeared to be thriving at home.  It’s SO FUN to have confirmation from someone who knows him so well!!!  Rolf and I highly respect the professional relationship we have with Rudy’s medical team but we are also so very grateful for the emerging friendships within those professional boundaries…it sure helps to make the serious steps ahead in Rudy’s journey alot less intimidating!


Earlier on Monday,  Rudy had therapy with Gwen and OT Chris.  After the session, they assessed Rudy’s developmental level as that of a 4-month old.  He’s definitely improving but we need to be prepared for the process to be a slow one.  I found the information helpful…specifics to direct my prayer for Rudy in these weeks before the Glenn.   The more he can master now the better but we also don’t want to overwork him…as always, a fine balance.

3 thoughts on “Is There A Doctor In The House?…

  1. Rudy is getting SO big!!! Owen still gets classified as 6 months in some developmental milestones, like tummy time. He still cannot push up with his arms. Rudy will catch up. They learn to compensate.. (Owen can’t crawl because his upper body is weak, so he butt-scoots). I’m praying for you as you get ready to embark on the Glenn. It’s supposed to be an “easy” one.

    Glad to hear all is well!

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