Ready and waiting…

One cute early riser!
One cute early riser!

It’s 8:30am and we’ve been busy this morning.  We got up at 3:30 and got Trish and Rudy rolling to UCLA at 4:20.  Trish called at 6:45 to tell me they were there and all checked in.  There was some question as to whether the first case was on, so Rudy might be going early.  Trish didn’t have much time to talk but reported that, due to the different routine this morning, we forgot to flush his G-tube after the overnight feeds–duh.  We’ve learned that formula left sitting in the tube can clog to something close to concrete, so it had two hoursto cure in the car.  She was going to try to get it unclogged with a wire we have for that purpose, but at least she’s at a place where they have a spare they could just pop in.

So, I’m waiting at my office along with the rest of you.  More when we have it.

8 thoughts on “Ready and waiting…

  1. It was nice to talk with you this morning. I read yesterdays post to get caught up to sped. Praying with you and yours that the cath procedure is quick. We are with you all during this next adventure for the family!! All our love. xoxo!! Go Rudy Go! You are an amazing little dude!!

  2. We’ll be thinking about you all day. Hope all goes well at the hospital and the zoo. In and out Rudy!

  3. I am keeping him in my prayers for an uneventful cath, the best findings possible and a smooth recovery.


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