Off and Rolling

Trish just called and said they came and got Rudy at about 12:30.  There’s a good bit of prep before they start the actual cath, so I’m planning on at least a couple of hours before we hear anything and shouldn’t be concerned if it’s longer (he had a five-hour session in the cath lab once).  Trish wasn’t able to call with any updates before now as they were waiting on the 2nd floor where the big radiology equipment blocks any cell phone signals.  Rudy was waiting like a trooper.  Trish is really comforted by the team that’s on hand.  Dr. Leigh (cardiology fellow) will be with Drs. Levi and Harake, as will Dr. Brill (top notch anethesiogist and intensivist).  We are so grateful for these exceptional people we know and trust.

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