Countdown to the Cath

The last week of school upon us and life has been fun and full. The kids are looking forward to school ending this week and the days leading up to that seem full of field trips, parties and other celebrations. Tonight, we will join the ranks of proud parents as we attend Wilson’s 6th Grade Promotion—Jr. High is just around the corner.

In the midst of all of this, Rudy has been laying low. So low in fact, that we neglected to note his 8-month birthday here on Rudy’s Beat yesterday. Another milestone to note! He’s quietly getting fat and (we think) happy. This morning at the pediatrician he weighed in at 13lbs, 12oz, so his solid feeds are doing what they’re supposed to. This still has him well below the 5th percentile on the generic growth charts, but referring to anything to do with Rudy as “generic” seems out of place. He’s right where he needs to be on the Rudy Chart.

But enough for laying low—it’s time for a return visit to UCLA. Wednesday morning, Trish and Rudy will leave at 4:30am to head to UCLA for a 6:30am admittance. Rudy is scheduled to be the second procedure, but they like to have patients on hand and ready in case scheduling changes. This will be Rudy’s pre-Glenn catheterization, where Dr. Dan and Dr. Harake will enter from an artery in his groin to get a good look at the heart (an angiogram). They’ll measure pressures and flow in different areas and can even take some interventional steps in the event certain things are amiss. The team will use the information gleaned to develop a game plan for the Glenn, so we’ll await word as to how the next weeks are going to unfold.

Caths are commonly outpatient procedures, but in Rudy’s case we are being prepared for him to stay over one night for observation. As you feel led to pray for Rudy, please pray specifically for this—the procedure itself doesn’t cause us as much anxiety as simply having Rudy in the hospital for any length of time. From his history, we can’t help but worry if he’ll pull some kind of a trick or have some numbers amiss that will lead to another extended stay. Apart from this, we’re praying that a clear plan would emerge as we’re approaching June somewhat tentatively; unsure of when the surgery will take place and therefore unable to plan out very far. So, we’re looking forward to some clarity, but in the meantime we are so grateful for how special it’s been to have almost four full weeks at home with Rudy.

We’ll post updates as things unfold on Wednesday. I’ll be here in Santa Barbara. Fortunately, I’ll only have to battle preoccupation in my office for part of the day as I’ll be joining Livy’s class for a field trip at the zoo. It’s a welcome distraction and, given the how much of our absence the kids have had to accept this school year, I’m looking forward to time with Livy and her friends. I already have a good zoo joke ready to go: Why is a giraffe’s neck so long? Because it’s head is so far away from its body! Those first graders don’t even realize the comedic gold that awaits them.

Thanks for praying. Go, Rudy, Go!

14 thoughts on “Countdown to the Cath

  1. Good luck! We’ll be thinking of Rudy…and of course you all while you again play the waiting game. We know that none of these kids is “normal” so the one day procedure always lasts two…we even schedule it that way now! Hmmm…who has the easier task…the zoo at the hospital or the zoo with the animals and the kids?

  2. Nick is also small , but very lively……makes me tired. Grandma will stay home when he has his cath on June 22 in Boston, not easy to play the waiting game, but I stay where I am needed and do what I am told, that’s what Grandma are for.{ha} Prayers go to all of you and especially for Rudy with his next procedure, God Bless You, Nick’s Grandma

  3. Congrats, Wilson! 6 grades under your belt and only 12 more years ’til your get your graduate degree! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Hope all goes well with Rudy; we’re praying! You need to work on the jokes!! Much love, Jane and Joe Lynch

  5. Trish, I’ll tell Doug to wave at you on the freeway — he generally heads out about that time. Praying that all goes well, peacefully and with minimum of surprises…

  6. How do you know when there’s an elephant in your refrigerator?
    Footprints in the butter….

    All the animals had a big meeting, who wasn’t there?
    The elephant – he’s still in the refrig….

    Call if you need the piranha followup joke…. Have a super time and we’ll be praying for Rudy and Trish. Peace to all!

  7. makes me wish I was back in first grade…so much to learn 🙂

    I’ll be traveling with Harriet for the next 3 weeks, and you can be sure you will be in our prayers….

    xoxo Linda

  8. Praying for Trish and Rudy tomorrow. I’ve been waking up super early lately so will pray as they are driving…have fun at the zoo. Our family loves the SB Zoo. Yay, Wilson for graduating!

  9. God knew what He was doing when He gave you as parents to Rudy, Max, Olivia and Wilson. Oh wait! That’s why He’s God!

  10. You make me laugh….it’s quite a gift in the midst of serious stuff. Rolf, you really do have a knack for it and I can just imagine Rudy rolling his eyes at you when he reads this journal about his journey. Praying for one night and that’s it! xoR

  11. You can do this Rudy! In and out buddy!
    Praying that all goes well with the cath and that Rudy is home quickly. 🙂

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