What A Difference A Few Months Can Make!

10-09-08 Three days after open heart surgery
10-09-08 Three days after open heart surgery
05-30-09  Approaching open heart surgery #2
05-30-09 Approaching open heart surgery #2
When you see Rudy from day to day, it’s sometimes hard to see the gradual changes and growth he is experiencing but Rolf and I were struck this morning by how far Rudy has come since his post-op days back in October!!!!  Rudy has settled into a nice routine and been so content and cooperative since our return from hospitalization #2.  The Glenn may be coming up quicker than we had hoped originally but we are encouraged by his ALMOST 2 pound weight gain and the “twinkle” (not quite a smile yet) that emerged this week to brighten up his whole face.  Speaking of weight gain, Rudy may start packing on the pounds now that we have cleared the rice cereal hurdle.  After several failed attempts at cereal feedings, Rolf (a.k.a. The Baby Whisperer)  fed him an entire serving of cereal this morning and Rudy finished it in record time without gagging!!!  Something “clicked” for him and when we sat down at noon with serving number 2, he started to smack his lips like a little baby bird eager for what was coming.  Any progress we can make now and get firmly established is a blessing as I’m sure we’ll lose a bit of ground in the weeks following the Glenn.  He may have to relearn some things but at least we can rest assured that he can do them!!!
Speaking of hurdles, Rudy had a first today that would make Gpa Dick happy…Rudy attended his first track meet!  Special friends from L.A. were in town for a Regional Club Track Meet and we were thrilled to cheer our Emmie friend on as she ran the 4 x 100m relay.  We missed seeing big brothers Jake and Levi but were blessed to catch up with Robin, Tommy, Emmie and Eileen and the goings on back in L.A.  -refreshing fun! 
Post-race congratulatory hug!
Post-race congratulatory hug!
Cheering on the L.A. Falcons!
Cheering on the L.A. Falcons!
June will be full of grandparent fun as Oma and Opa fly in today for a two week stay and Gma and Gpa will come for the last two weeks of June – overlapping so all grandparents will be here for Rudy’s dedication – so special!!!  We have a big week ahead…Wilson’s promotion to Jr. High on Tuesday, Rudy’s angiogram (cath) at UCLA Wednesday and Thursday, last day of school on Friday.  We’re anxious to get the information from the angiogram and a game plan for the Glenn but also sensitive to not let it overshadow the other big events of the week.  Please pray specifically for Rudy’s health as the procedure will be postponed if he gets sick.  As it turns out, our little half-heart is the healthiest in our household right now…the others are battling congestion, coughs and a low-grade fever – normally not very notable but this is a bad weekend to have a little bug hanging around. 
Don’t forget to “save the date” on June 12th!!!!!
Blessed by your continued prayer support,  🙂

8 thoughts on “What A Difference A Few Months Can Make!

  1. Glad to hear Rudy is eating big boy stuff and liking it. Soon he will get to really eat when he goes to In & Out Burger.

    We will pray for good health for all especially and that Rudy stays well.

    Enjoy your Grandparents! What a blessing to have them all here at one time. That will be extra special.
    Hugs and kisses to all.

  2. what a day, our granddaughter flipped on her bike, while her and Nick were biking, he ran home for help, after 6 hr. at the ER, stitches in the chin and 2 broken arms, he was quite worried about his big sister(as much as they fight). Sometimes we forget the worry can be centered on the other siblings; and also the worry the HLHS child can have for his siblings. Always say, one never knows what the day will bring; hope everyone gets healthy and Rudy continues to do well, he may not smile, but do those eyes tell all. Nick’s Grandma

  3. I don’t know, Trish, that looks a whole lot like a smile to me. Just a particularly unique Rudy smile is all. :>) What a gorgeous kid. And I am so glad for these last couple of weeks of near normalcy for all of you. Will pray for quick healing for your big kids and protection for your littlest one. Also that the results of the cath will be clear and that you will all be on the same page with scheduling the Glenn. Wow. I like where this rollercoaster is hovering right now.

    And to Nick’s Grandma – I AM SO SORRY to hear about this scary accident for your granddaughter, and while relieved that it wasn’t any more serious than it was, it sounds downright horrific. She (and your whole clan) get added to the prayer list tonight.

  4. That newest pic of Rudy in his track suit is absolutely adorable! I agree with Diana’s thought – that might be a special Rudy smile. After all, it’s hard to give too big a smile when one is posed as “the thinker.” Still praying!!!!

  5. How great God is!!! Rudy just looks adorable as ever. Great to see the Walkers and Geylings for a great Track meet. Continued blessings to all of you and I know that God will be guiding you every step of the way w/the Glenn (my General Manager’s name!). LOL!

    God bless!!!

  6. Yes, we have often marvelled at how much Rudy has changed since those first photos–his shape, color, and precious HAIR!! Way to go Rudy!

    And I just HAVE to comment about how fun it was to get a little peek at those grown-up Walker kids!! As soon as I read “big brothers Levi and Jake,” I knew what was coming!! Not the same as seeing them in person, but still…thanks for letting us share in the fun!

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